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Where can I find a nice, free video editor/movie maker?

Asked by CherrySempai (1137points) August 31st, 2010

I’m just making youtube films, but Windows Movie Maker is driving me insane.

Also, I’m not trying to be cheap, but my parents are tired of me buying software and anything within the category of technology. (Including Xbox games. .) The one I’ve been looking at for awhile is Sony Vegas Pro 9…but my parents won’t let me spend the $500.

Things I’m looking for: Lots of effects, easy to match audio (songs) to video, transitions, something that works on Windows Vista, etc etc.

Things I’m not looking for: A 30 day trial.


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Did your camera come with software? Also Pinnacle Has software that is pretty easy to use and it’s 50 bucks, not 500.

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You might take a look at Wax.

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You might want to be careful, while you’re looking at free software – some of it may require that you give up your intellectual property rights in the material produced or edited with the technology that would interfere with your ability, potentially, to commercially market anything you’re doing (see, e.g., the copyright licence attached to some Flip video services).

Since you’re publishing to youtube, this might not be a concern. However, you still might want to watch out in case you have any inclination of putting the material to marketing or commercial use.

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Youtube itself has a great video editor.
If you own a Mac, the included iMovie software is soooo much better than Window’s Movie Maker. However, if you use Windows and can get used to the horrible UI of ZS4, it might be worth checking out.

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@Vortico I was going to request iMovie too but unfortunately working with audio in iMovie is pretty difficult, especially when you want to do some precise editing. Also I don’t think there as much special effects as the @CherrySempai would like.

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Well, my brother hit my ibook with a pool ball when he was playing pool over the summer, so the screen completely shattered and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. (Therefore, I don’t have iMovie anymore. x.x) So I bought a Sony Vaio, which comes with Window’s Movie Maker (which I despise.)

Thank you for all the answers. :] And I’ll definitely look into that @iamthemob ‘cause I do use a Flip camera.

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