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Make a Genius playlist of only unplayed songs?

Asked by ctferrarajr (270points) August 31st, 2010

i have a library of 20000 songs in itunes and i want to start listening to more and more of it. I tried party shuffle using a playlist of only unplayed tracks but it gave me too big of a variety. any suggestions?

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First of all, make sure you’ve got the Genius feature turned on:
1. open iTunes
2. Open the “Store” menu at the top of the window
3. Click “Turn On Genius” (if it’s available)

If you’re turning on Genius for the first time, it can take a while for it to get initialized since it has to talk to Apple’s servers.

Start playing a song you like, then click the little Genius button (looks like electrons swirling around a nucleus) that’s down in the lower right-hand corner of the iTunes window. It’ll pop up a list of songs based on that one.

Or, you can look on the left-side sidebar for the GENIUS node. Expand that and you’ll see Genius Mixes which are larger groupings from your Library by genre/type.

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@robmandu yes i know how to use genius but i am looking for a way to make if you only songs with a playcount of 0. is that possible?

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Ewww. I see what you mean.

I think I can… but it’d take a bit of manual work to keep the playlist updated.

1. Create several Genius playlists based on songs you like.

2. Create a new Smart playlist with the following attributes:

- “Plays” is equal to “0” (hit the ”...” button)
– ”any” of the following:
= “Playlist” is <choose one of your Genius playlists> (hit the ”+” button)
= “Playlist” is <choose one of your Genius playlists> (hit the ”+” button)
. . .
= “Playlist” is <choose one of your Genius playlists>

- select whatever other options you want.

Problem with this approach is that you’ll eventually run out of music as the play counts on all those songs passes zero. You’ll need to create new Genius playlists and then select those in the Smart playlist.

It’ll become increasingly difficult to find zero play songs as your library is run through this process.

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@robmandu thank you ill try that should be good. thanks.

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There is an easier way if you don’t care the order they play. Open iTunes. Click on VIew and select View Options. Click plays.

Highlight Plays in the iTunes selection bar and make the arrow point Up. That will show all songs never played. Simply start at the top and let iTunes play.

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@robmandu You took my answer ;) I love smart playlists and use them constantly.

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