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Have any of you seen UFO's or aliens?

Asked by Captain_Tetanus (205points) March 31st, 2008

I’m serious, no kidding, be specific and tell the truth.

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My expereiences include, and unknown silent and bright red light in the sky over my house in aiken, sc which my friend who lived way across town saw the same night. It lit up the whole yard and I saw it inside the house with the blinds shut and the inside lights on. Went outside, no sound at all, just a bright light over my house. We lived in the country. That was in 1993 or so.
In that same area when she was a child my step mom had seen a ship that was just sitting in the sky, whenever an airplane got near it would vanish, and then it would reappear after it passed. She said she and her mom had watched it for hours.

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I’ve had two “encounters”. The first was about five years ago. I was coming home from my cousins house and all of a sudden a bright bluish, yellow flash went across the sky and went behind the trees. I just kept going and acted like it was no big deal. That one coulda been a meteor or something I guess.

The next was this past summer. A friend and myself were chilling outside when we saw a small pulsing light way up in the sky. It was moving to fast to be a plane but was so high up all we could see were the flashes of light. After the first one disappeared, we saw a second one following the same path. Weird is all I can say.

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I have seen the bright red lights that have fallowed me in my semi and then cut across the front of me at a speed faster then I was going. I have seen the stationary silver cigar shaped “thing” up there that seemed to stick with me for many miles while crossing New Mexico. But the real thing was when my grade school teacher brought the actual pictures, in black and white, of the crash in Roswell, of the UFO. Those photoes also had the people that was in that craft, if you want to call them people. It showed several dead ones and she said there was one that lived which was taken away and it seems NOBODY knows what happened to it. But it is funny. Shortly after the roswell thing, the USA Government started to build aircraft simmilar to disc’s and saucers and funny looking cigar shaped airplanes. All I can say is that WE are not alone.
But get real. Who was GOD? Read the first part of the Bible and it flat says that they came and had sex with the inhabitants of this earth and multiplied. If that isn’t someone from out there I don’t know what else it could be.
Have fun with this.

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@ Charlie- clearly we’ve been reading different bibles…

I’ve been told of lights here in Frederick that start as three points, like a triangle, turn into a line of lights, then vanish into the distance. Never seen them
myself though…

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Yeah Charlie, I can’t say that I recall ever hearing about or reading about the Biblical scripture your talking about. Could you give a reference to support your claim?

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It’s true about the Bible containing various references that could be interpreted as the way primitive people might have seen advanced technology. Elijah’s flaming chariot for one. The bright star the wise men followed could’ve been a ufo, there’s something in the old test. about the gods uniting with the daughters of men, or something to that effect. Also talk of giants and people living for extremely long times. I’d give exact verses but I don’t have a bible here. There’s plenty of evidence of possible alien civilizations on earth in ancient times. Stonehenge, pyramids, easter island statues. All very strange. All the different myths throughout history point to the possibility of alien rule. The basic ideas of religion point to that as well. If you look at evolution it’s pretty sudden (from an evolutionary standpoint) that apes climb out of the trees, become humans. I agree with evolution, but apes had a fine situation, no reason to leave the trees. Evolution only happens with a damned good reason. Apes still live where we evolved. If there’d been a reaon to leave that was strong enough to change us that much, apes would possibly not live there anymore. I have a beach towel from roswell with a green alien handing a baby to a caveman. The idea is popular enough to be put on a beach towel. It’s a hilarious beach towel, but the point remains.

I’m not saying any of these things are true, but they’re just as possible as anything else religion or science have come up with.

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Yes, you have said it for me. We don’t know what happened nor why but even History books say that somehting changed the “Caveman”. Like there has been Dinasour footprints found and along side of them where the foot prints of man. Some how, mankind made a jump from being a bit above an ape to a thinking, feeling, communicateing being. The reason is that in Genisus it says that “They” came down from the heavans and mated with the Daughters of man—etc. If the Bible is true then one would wonder who “They” were and the only answer can only be a being that is similar to US but not of this Earth. Of course, this is all just theory yet after I saw the actual Military photoes of Roswell, it sort of puts things into a prospective that We are not alone in this universe. There is enough evidence of this but We, as a people, fail to accept the reality of it since We can’t explain how something can be greater then We are yet there is the Bible that tells us about God, a being much greater then us and why can’t He thus be a being from outer space that WE are an image of? When the Vikeings came to America, the Indians that where here thaught these Vikeings were GODS. IF GOD should come to visit us here on Earth would WE know him? Probably not. I am not going to try to change anyones ideas or thoughts on this. I have seen what I have seen, read what I have read, and All I will say is that I, and only I, beleive We are not alone.

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UFO’s are nothing more than man-made time machines.

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