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Is there a duo close to, or could there really ever be a duo or trio as talented as Simon and Garfunkel?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) September 1st, 2010

I think not, but you’re welcome to ”You prove” me wrong.


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The Carpenters would be one duo that might be close but in no way as talented as S&G.
close to you. This is a matter of opinion before you blast my tastes.

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Michael Flanders and Donald Swann (At the Drop of a Hat, Another Hat)

Being English is Best

Satire of Mozart Horn Concerto

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I can’t think of one off the top of my head, and I love Simon and Garfunkel, but I think Paul Simon was much better by himself. Their music together was, in general, slow and a little depressing. Seems to me like Art was a bit of a downer. Then Paul Simon went and blew us all out of the water with albums like “Graceland”.

Dont hate me!!!

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I loved Loggins and Messina. Not making a judgment about extent of talent, just saying I thought they were very talented and lovely to listen to. Others I liked: Hall & Oates, The Righteous Brothers, and Hall and Oates.

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A trio, in a way, are Yello and Shirley Bassey.

You know who are a fine duo too…, Hall and Oates.

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Removed by me. Duplicate.

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No. They were incredible. Scarborough Fair is one of my favorites. And Sounds of Silence. Really, I can’t think of a better duo.

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They may not be a prolific, but their harmony is tight, Indigo Girls.

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Mr. Walter Becker and Mr. Donald Fagan, also known as Steely Dan, come close.

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Batman and Robin.they were dynamic ;)
I’ve always thought this was beautiful

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Tenacious D is my personal favorite duo.

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Laydeez & Genul’men, give it up for the one the only, yes it’s my friends & yours. Granny’s bedtime treat. Those hunks in wool, Mulligan&O’Hare Woot Woot!! :¬)

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@rebbel, yep, I agree, they were on the list I posted.

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I agree with @Trillian about Indigo Girls. Seals and Crofts may have been in the same league also. S&G made a mistake in breaking up IMHO.

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Agree about Steely Dan. Didn’t understand many of their lyrics, but sure loved their melodies, harmonies and arrangements. Yaaaay for AJA!!!

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Nope. Simon and Garfy top the list!

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Well anyway, @Ben_Dover, they top your and @zan’s list. Different musical tastes and all that. ;-)

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Forever in my heart, this group…The Righteous Brothers.

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There were a couple of fellas named Paul McCartney and John Lennon who wrote a lot of good songs together.

granted they wrote for a quartet but without either of them there was no quartet

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The Beatles were a quartet.

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@Ben_Dover . . . I realize this, read all of the above post, but McCartney/Lennon are considered a prolific songwriting duo in many circles.

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Apart from Simon, Art Garfunkel has only had a hit or two. No doubt he had a beautiful voice, but he is either lazy or limited.
Lennon/McCartney were incredible, and correctly judged as one of the greatest song writing teams (though most of their work was actually mostly independent, mostly). They also had a remarkable scope of music together, and apart.

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As far as trios go, I’d say that the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Cream were just as talented.

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