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Any suggestions for my website ?

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) September 1st, 2010

I’m making a website, half public, half subscription based, the site is about medical marijuana and i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what else the site would need ? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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I wanna be part of a medical marijuana site. I’m chalk full of pot facts.

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Call it Going to Pot

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its already got a name :P its cannaleak.

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Like other medical marijuana websites, you should allow reviews of dispensaries, and have it your staff’s duty to standardize everything. (For example, various people might enter a collective by various names and misspellings, so have someone go through each day and correct all that shit, so when someone looks up a particular dispensary, your search box will show everything your site has about it. Other sites don’t do that, so if you do, you’ll already have a higher quality product. Also, don’t copy the other sites by putting maps above the dispensary listings. These maps may work great on these websites’ own high speed computers… but they work like shit for everyone else. Instead of maps, just have a small button that says “map”, that way, you can open up a map if you want.
But for godssake, don’t show the maps by default. I hate so much how that intrudes upon browsing a pot site. It’s so stupid! So you can be the one site that doesn’t do that.

Also, people do love menus. So make the menus easy to browse for the pot readers, and easy(!) to enter and use for the dispensaries. No stupid javascript or ajax bullshit that doesn’t work right. HTML works fine, and should always be used except in cases where it is incapable of doing something that must be done. (I’m a web user, a web browsing guy by the way, not a programmer or nothing).

In your forums, if you have control over this…. don’t allow signatures or smilies. That stuff is stupid and cluttery, and just because it’s traditional web by now, doesn’t make it logical. (but I realize you may import a forum from one that already exists, where you won’t have control over that).

Add a classifieds section too. And don’t censor it at all if the ads are not spam. But remove the spam immediately! Day it comes in. Never allow it to fester and spread like mycelium in a forum. Add an Adult Services category too. You can pick up Craigslists’s old customers.

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do you have a site up now in beta we could see?

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