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Where can I find good national news?

Asked by zeroearth1304 (32points) October 3rd, 2010

I have to do a current event for S.S. and I need a website where I can find some good National news. It HAS to be in the united states but outside of Texas. Any good websites? Please?

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Browse Alltop. It is organized so you can find news stories from a variety of newspapers (national and international.)

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Websites abound for newspapers in every major and minor city, even today, as newspapers are starting to go out of business:

New York Times
Los Angeles Times
Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
even the Hartford Courant
and they all have national news.

There are also non city-related newspapers such as
Wall Street Journal
Investor’s Business Daily
USA Today

The major television networks

And news magazines
US News and World Report

Even the Weather Channel has news, though it’s primarily weather-related.

And there’s always The Onion.

PS: Thanks for the link to AllTop, @muppetish.

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Anything on this search query, except for the 2nd to last.

Nullo's avatar Gathers articles from a wide range of publications., for when the typical news is too depressing.

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@Nullo 2nd website is the best ever. Thanks.

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