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What's the difference between the definition of "organization" and "company"?

Asked by johnflu (14points) September 1st, 2010

i wonder if “organization” is larger than a “company” and includes it.

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A company is almost always for business purposes, ie for profit, whereas an organization is not.

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@ArpitaBarua You’re welcome. My answer is but one difference. There are so many variations that it would be easier to point out the differences between specific companies and organizations.

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companies are to make money. Organizations have a cause.
it’s the main purpose or mission.

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Organization also could work for profit. That’s why Non-profit Organization has its name. So could organization include company?

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@johnflu Yes, it could. An organization is simply a group of individuals banded together for a common purpose. It definitely can include companies.

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Like @marinelife says, an organization of individuals with common interests or goals. Company implies a business, although one can say “He’s in good company” meaning, an individual is part of a group of like-thinking people.

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