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I bought an old dress form today...any art project and/or halloween ideas?

Asked by janedelila (3904points) September 2nd, 2010

I saw it at the Goodwill…$1.99! No head, arms or legs, but very cool. I wanna do something awesome with it but my mind is blank. I saw one covered in tiny mirrors in Virginia Beach at an art show last year with a mirror skirt and that’s all that I can think of but don’t wanna copy.

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Use it as a Hug-Me-Pillow.
Make it your dance partner (for practise).
Edit: I am sorry, only now i realize that you asked for art and Halloween purposes.
For art, you still use it as your dance partner, but now take it with you in a public place and dance.
For Halloween, smear ketchup around the places where there used to be limbs and a head.

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oh wow I’d love to have one of those! Paint it, put clay on it, dress it up and put it in your window on Halloween, the list goes on

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@rebbel awesome! I have an old wedding dress I’ve been working on for Halloween. I want it to look like I was thrown out of a moving limo on fire. It’s coming along nicely, my daughter and I painted my tires black and ran it over, then took ashes from the woodstove and took it to the wet paint.

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Did you see HOME ALONE? He used the dress form in an attempt to give the illusion of people being home and having a party. The form was on the record on as record player so it turned around as if it were dancing. In real life the dress form is too heavy to do this. My dress form is “cage like” from the hips down (it’s from 1920’s) I put a beautiful cape from Milan on the form and it stands near my fire place, it is a great conversation piece. Fo Halloween you can dress it up vwith hat and no face but have a speaker so your voice comes out of the dress form scarring trick or treaters.

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My dress form is too big to be useful for me to use for sewing, but I use mine for all my scarfs and some bags and hats. I know it’s not art, but it’s a practical idea and it looks pretty cool as well. If I had a cape like @mollydrew I’d put that on too.

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I did see Home Alone. I’d forgotten that part though, but funny! Mine is styrofoam covered with nylon, has these buttons on the side you turn to make the bust, hips and waist bigger or smaller. Maybe it will be my groom for Halloween. No stand with it though, bummer.

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@rebbel That hug me pillow terrifies me!

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@stardust It is soooo creepy. What if ya wake up in the middle of the night and see that arm with no body??? I have enough nightmares as it is, I don’t need an arm in my bed.

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@janedelila I know I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. It’s the mind behind the half-body maker that worries me!

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