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Do you support the War on Drugs?

Asked by cheebdragon (19939points) March 26th, 2008 from iPhone
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Wars based on abstract concepts never end well. The “war on terror” is a great example. It is damn near impossible to ever win a war on a ideology.

They are a great way to spend money but you don’t gain much from them.

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what war? Where is it taking place? The only thing I hear of is the occasional drug bust, and the ever so popular celebrity getting a slap on the wrist. When the war starts let me know.

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Yes & No. Yes I support the war on synthetic man-made drugs. No to the rest.

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I’ve always disliked how they use the notion “war” to fight various supposed “opponents.” War on drugs, diseases, whatever. Specifically the “war on drugs” was always a ridiculous idea—legalize drugs, don’t advertise for any drugs (including medicine and alcohol), sell them through the state in ugly warehouses in unattractive packaging (so it’s not seen as sexy in any way). Tax them. The crime around drugs will disappear. And maybe usage will go down. There still have to be guidelines for underage use—so the brain gets a chance to develop before its cells get destroyed by whatever drug is being used.

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What’s the difference between illegal Drugs, and Alcohol? They both can ruin family’s, and lives. But Alcohol is aloud because it makes the goverment an income. But with Illegal Drugs, the Governent don’t get a cut of the profits. Money talks!

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Does that include pharaceuticals?

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I agree with Jaybee and definitely pharmecueticals too! Yeah I think Alcohol is way worse than pot!

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Definitely not. The most important thing about this country is civil liberty. We should have the right to take drugs, even if they’re harmful, even if they’re unhealthy.

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While my feelings on the war are mixed, I do support our troops, and I am completely sober when I do!

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I wish we’d take the money for the War on Terror and the War on Drugs and put it where it would have the most benefit and cost fewer lives; The War on Cancer.

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I think it’s a ridiculous term for an ineffective program that ignores any and all underlying issues.

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It’s a code name for “Put As Many Black Guys As Possible In Prison.” It’s never been
about protecting Our Youth or whatever. It’s bogus from the ground up.

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news just in from the war on drugs, drugs are still winning!

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screw the war on drugs, alcohol causes more problems than all the other drugs combined, what about “the war on alcohol related violence?”, you only have to be 18 to buy alcohol in England and most shops will serve 15 year olds, alcohol is a massive problem in the UK, much worse than drugs

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absolutely not. it’s an utter failure to the point of offensiveness and is made up of a rasist and classist rules system.

I have a great poster in my house, 2 soliders are in a battlefield:
Soldier 1: “I can’t wait unit this war on terrorism is over, and there’s no more terrorists”
Soldier 2: “Yeah, remember when we had that war on drugs and now you can’t get drugs anymore?”

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I agree Allen!

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The War on Drugs fails to acknowledge that there is a market for mind and body-altering substances. As long as there is a demand for these products, there will be a group willing to break the law to make a profit filling that demand. It’s simple economics.

On the demand side, the WOD only creates criminals, by incarcerating non-violent offenders in lieu of rehabilitation, causing them, in many cases, to become violent addicts.

Furthermore, the WOD doesn’t even begin to stem the tide of illegal drugs coming into the country, as the ever-declining street price of drugs shows.

Until these issues are addressed, the War on Drugs will continue to be a miserable, expensive, epic failure.

Check out Law Enforcement Against Prohibition for more info.

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check out the book FIX—it might be a bit dated at this point, but it outlines the war on drugs really well up through the late 1990s

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