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Have you ever thrown anything out the car window that you regretted?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) September 2nd, 2010

What have you thrown out of a car window that later made you ache? Shoes? Trash? Your phone?

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I have never thrown anything out of a car window and it seriously peeves me when people do it (especially garbage!)

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Believe it or not, my threw out a cigarette right in front of a Tennessee Highway Patroman. she was stopped and lectured. bad move, bad timing, bad wife.

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Yes. Once i was tapping the spliff and it slipped from my fingers and out he window she flew. I pulled over and ran back. This was some crip skunk bud.

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a bee bounced into the car and dropped down by the goolies and it ended up being ejected out of the window. I didn’t regret getting rid of it. I don’t throw much out of the car.

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No, because she wasn’t hurt and it led to a much-needed divorce.

Seriously, I always regret throwing anything out the window except food, which I consider fodder for hungry animals.

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Don’t throw things out. I’d be hard pressed with a gun at my head. I have zero toleration for litter bugs.

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Myself, once. I really don’t like my friend’s j-pop music . . . fortunately the car was not going too fast.

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I once had a school essay sucked out of the window and into a rain puddle. I gave the soggy page to the teacher as proof.

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@YARNLADY That doesn’t count as attempted littering!

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Holy hell off topic but seriously a funny story…I remember being a little kid and my momma had just got false teeth. She was trying out the pink glue stuff to hold them in and used too much so she was jumbling around in her mouth and spitting out the extra when she was driving. I’m in the back seat goofing with my new Magic 8 ball, and I see her top plate fly by my window. She said bad words, turned the car around, and never spit anything out the window again. Me and my sister laughed so hard we cried! More bad words from the momma, threats not to tell our dad, and golly I hope she isn’t on Fluther cuz she’ll know I told.

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I tried to throw an apple core out but the window was closed, oooooops.

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I threw out a scrunched up paper bag one evening, and was pulled over by the police.

I was extremely embarrassed and got a polite telling off.

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I threw a empty soda can out the window and actually got pulled over and got fined. Just dumb luck. I hardly ever do that sort of thing. Now I will never do that again.

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No, not in the way of litter, because i don’t do that and hate it when others do it.
I sometimes throw an apple core or some other fruit left overs onto the side of the road where there’s grass or something, i also consider that compost material.
One time when i was small, i had a pin thingy (wht do you call those round flat metal discs with pictures or writing on it, with a safety pin at the back so that you can pin it onto your clothes?!?!) that i was dangling out the window and i dropped it by accident. I was not happy.

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I, too, only throw food items out the window of the car.

I remember a story about when my sister was a little girl. There probably wasn’t AC in the car back then and my mom was driving along and she heard my sister say, “Wheeeee…!” Mom sorta ignored her. A while later there was another “Wheee…!” Mom glanced in the rear view and there was my sister’s SECOND shoe, bouncing along the street.

I thought people might have stories where they threw thing out in anger or by mistake, or even of things that were sucked out of the auto accidentally.

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@janedelila you’re the BEST. lol

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