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Do you feel there is solution to the unending corruption in India?

Asked by sheetalstyle (16points) September 3rd, 2010

what are your views on corruption and how do you think can you eradicate it

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Sure. same as there is a solution to the unending corruption in America. Overhaul the system.

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Creating the Geth and having them replace us.

Allow me to elaborate: The Geth (a race of sentient machines from the mass effect universe) share one giant hive mind that takes all the decisions by committee without considering one unit more important than the other, they have no individuality and thus can never act selfishly with respect to one another.

Humans on the other hand are prone to egoistic acts, which is why corruption, and crime in general, exist. It is our very nature and there is no way to change that, anyone in a position of power inevitably ends up abusing it for personal goals, regardless of who ends up worse off because of it.

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Maybe a reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi. Other than that, it is probably too deeply entrenched.

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Corruption!… Sometimes up!… Sometimes down!… But always,,, ALL around!... To eradicate it, you would have to eradicate the entire human race, just to be sure. To be sure :-/

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This is the same like Indonesia. If there’s really an actual and effective solution there would be no corruption. I think that is the nature of human and those who discipline enough usually are able to handle the issue better than others. The whole aspects of political organization needs to be revitalized/changed to better alternative.

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Transparency. Transparency means being able to see what people are doing and who they are doing it with. Technology is really helpful in helping people see what is really going on.

Laws that support transparency help. Laws that suppress the availability of information hurt. A cultural attitude that supports honesty and does not support corruption helps. A perception of fairness is important.

Most people are corrupt because they think the system in their culture isn’t fair, and so they should do what they can get away with because everyone else is doing it, and if they don’t get over one someone else, someone else will get over on them.

Law, culture and communication support transparency, which fights corruption. Secrecy is corruption’s friend.

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