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What do you think is a better medication for pain Marijuana or "lourtabs" (hydrocodene/acetametaphine)

Asked by superjuicebox (383points) September 3rd, 2010

List your pros and cons of each and any opinions on why one or the other is better. Remember hydrocodene is an opiate so its physically addicting and tylenol(acetaminophen) causes liver and kidney damage. I know i sound biased towards the cannabis side but obviously i think it’s the better medication. I just want YOUR opinions.

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I’m not all that familiar with those items, and have never used anything but the usual pain killers for occasional cramps that i get, but, i’ll be in favour of whichever one is the friendliest to the body. I’d also say that a possible addiction (for opiate) is better in the long run that liver and kidney damage – i’m sure one can avoid an addiction when used for short term pains. (are they used for short terms pain?).
I don’t care whether one is illegal or not, if it’s healthier for the body to use it, i’ll find it and use it.

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@NaturallyMe with the lourtab the tylenol is mixed in with the pill so unless you cold water extract the hydrocodene you will get the 500mgs of acetaminophen. So during long term use, damage is inevitable. Short term, i think either could work but since opiates have more chances of addiction, i’d stick with the cannabis.

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@superjuicebox Ok. :) Like i said, i know nothing of what you just said now, haha. Anyway, i’ve never been a fan of pain killer drugs, i know they’re always bad for you in some way. I’m in the process of finding an alternative to drink as a tea – apparently that’s quite effective for pain, so i hope it works.

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Pot for me was a sensitizer where feelings, emotions and sensations were heightened including pain. I have to be pretty banged up to need help in the pain department and a bong hit won’t do the job and I will demand Tylenol 3 or better.

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If you see this article and this one you can investigate their particular differences thus you can assume which one is better than another. Each of them has their own symptoms,it depends on which risk you’re willing to take. although I must admit that marijuana is better than acetaminophene (as long as it’s professionally prescribed) since it poses less hazardous effect than acetaminophene for long term use,acetaminophene can’t be used to treat animals anyway. One of the characteristic of good drugs is that they can be used safely for most species.

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I’d stick with the pain pills. I don’t like all of the other effects Marijuana had one me when I used it in the past. Marijuana is too much of a depressant for me. When I use to smoke it, I would get very tired and be very unproductive. I really don’t remember it ever doing anything for pain, but it always gave me a headache. It also causes me to have an asthma attack. I can take pain pills and still be awake and productive (which is important to me) and not have an asthma attack. Becoming addicted to pain pills doesn’t happen overnight and usually does not happen when they are taken exactly as prescribed. It usually happens when people take more than they are suppose to or take them more often then they are suppose to.

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@Cruiser depends on the type of marijuana smoked. Sativas will make you feel EVERYTHING. Indicas just put ya on your ass :P

Ill take weed anyday. i got in a car accident 2 years ago and was prescribed percs as well as a lot of other pain pills as I now have 5 bulging disks in my back and a pinched nerve. Opiates IMO just have far to many negative side effects. Theyre extremely addictive, they fuck your stomach up if you dont eat enough, they put you completely out of it making communication with others/focusing near impossible at times, and worst of all, they fuck with your endorphins, sure your not in pain while your under the influence of the pill but when it wears off, that pain is 10 fold. sooooo more pills down the hatch hooray.

Weed on the other hand eases my pain without all that negative shit opiates give me.

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I do a mix…but i rely on the mary jane more than the lortabs. I’m not one of those who can stand too many pills. I just take half at a time. I’m in a bad fibro flare or something the last 2 days. I’ve even been rockin with pain this morning.

it sucks.

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Well considering Lortabs are legal..but marijuana would probably do the job better for me. Opiates tend to make me sick to my stomach

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You would need to dfine what you mean by better for pain.

Any opiate is going to be better than marijuana for pain relief. that is the nature of the drug.

Which is healthier in the long run? Is that what you meant to ak?

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Marijuana makes me depressed. Lortab makes me happy, and despite making my nose itch, it really helps with pain. I loves me some Lortab!

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Mary jane. That is just my opinion

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Ok, I LOVE pot. I can smoke a J be high all day and enjoy every second of my day. But, if I’m in real pain, I want a painkiller (6–12 a day). Weed will let you laugh off the pain a while…but it’s going to catch up once your tollerance peaks. Marijuana is not a total substitute for sever pain as opposed to opiates. IMO

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@Dewey420 talk about tolerance peaking. Taking that many pills in a day will shoot your tolerance through the roof in no time. Then again, thats probably why you take that many in a day…..

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My favorite pain killer of all time is 100% aspirin. I can ingest tablets or wet them and make a paste to put on injuries or swollen joints. My bf has awful joint pain and every now and then I’ve packed on a paste and then covered it with a wet warm towel or ice pack and it’s helped him fall asleep.

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@Neizvestnaya hmm ive never heard of making a paste out of them… How many do you use when you do that?

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@uberbatman: I usually take 10 to make a paste enough to coat a knee or ankle. I also learned from family to put a bottle of aspirin tablets into a bottle of alcohol and use that to clean cuts or dab on bug bites and rashes. Aspirin is cheap and quick acting.

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@Seaofclouds See but now that there are marijuana collectives and dispenseries you can actually go and find strains specifically designed to combat what illness you have, i am actually trying to compile a comparison list for illness – strain/what cannabanoids do what and which effects they can cause/cure

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@superjuicebox Smoke causes me to have asthma attacks, so it wouldn’t matter. I wouldn’t risk my breathing just to get pain relief when I can take a pill that will do a better job (from my experience).

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@uberbatman great answer, i think there is a lack of knowledge about how different cannabanoids can do different things. Some can cure pain, some put you on your ass, some make you happy, and some might even make you hallucinate ! Thats why i think it would be a great medicine if administered in the correct way ( like with my last awnser on the specific strain(for cannabanoid content) – specific illness

@Ben_Dover Yes and no i meant what you’re saying and what i originally asked. But i would have to disagree with what you are saying with the opiates being better for pain. I know for a fact that certain cannabanoids actually affect your opiate receptors so i’m sure using all of the pain relieving cannabanoids plus the ones that affect your opiate receptors can cause a better affect than an opiate itself.

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My sister tells me that MJ is better because it makes you feel good in addition to relieving the pain. She still misses the laid back community in California since she moved to Washington state 25 years ago.

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I don’t like opiates because the make me nauseous and itchy. Marjuana gives me hives and closes up my throat. On top of that, I just found out that I am allergic to morphine so when I have my next bad accident, I’m screwed. I may have to resort to vodka for pain relief.

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I never have had the good stuff, is probably why pot seems worthless as a real pain reliever. It tends to make me feel the pain a lot more crisply. At least, to me, to get the kind of smoke that is going to reduce pain it would be some of the opiated stuff which would be overkill, and forget about trying to get anything done after that. Does it really clinically do anything for pain, really? Or is it a faux reason for the get- high’s to push for legalization? I vote for the Lortabs, at least with them I can reasonably expect to not go into la- la land or get busted.

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@Seaofclouds there are many other ways to inject marijuana aside from smoking it.

@woodcutter yes, it really does a lot for the pain.

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@uberbatman then I wish I could get a hold of some of that stuff you speak of.

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@uberbatman ya maybe
but to reiterate, weed is safer than painkillers. imo

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hahah i just realized i said inject marijuana instead of ingest. Yeaaa no injectingg.

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