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Should we trust politicians who insist government can't possibly create jobs to take over government and create jobs?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) September 3rd, 2010

Would we dare hire a chauffeur to drive us around if s/he insisted it’s impossible to drive a car a single block without wrecking it? If not, then how does it make sense that Republican candidates who insist government can never create jobs all run campaign ads claiming they alone have a secret plan to create jobs? Are we as an electorate that stupid? Are we completely blind to contradictions? We will soon know.

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They aren’t claiming to create jobs. They are saying they want to get government out of the way by spending less and letting the free market create jobs. With unemployment higher today than it was just one month ago, out “summer of recovery” through billions in spending doesn’t seem to have worked.

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Huh? (Wipes drool off chin.) I don’t think I’m that stu hey look! A shiny thing. I want to put it in my nest. (Wanders off)

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Is this a trick question???

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Since you lack examples I can only say that yes the electorate can be that stupid to believe what is presented in front of them as relevant or even as fact. That is exactly how Obama got himself elected. Or is this sleight of hand deception only OK when the Dems do it?

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I personally think it’s useless and stupid to attempt to “create jobs”.

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When I see ‘trust politicians’ in a question, I just shake my head and move on.

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@missingbite Maybe they are just running the ads here. But ever Republican ad running claaims that the candidate running the ad will create jobs. And as to past performance, I remember when we were losing jobs at over 700,000 a month the last time the miracle principles of government doing nothing but cutting taxes for the rich and cutting regulation were in practice for 8 years. That’s how we got in this mess.

@YARNLADY I can follow that. Unfortunately, we are going to either have to pull the lever for a R or D or toss a vote into the wind voting for a party with no chance of winning.

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It’s true tht corporate money has corrupted both parties to some degree, but the GOP has always been the party of the wealthiest Americans and the corporate jet set. They hammer culture-war issues to win enough dupes among the common people to be able to serve their rich masters. But they work directly against middle-class and poor American’s interests. The Democratic Party has mostly defended the interests of the ordinary man.

The Republians who adamantly claim that government can’t create jobs, and that Obama’s a jerk for not creating more, and that they will do far better are now in control of the House of Representatives. So far, all they have proposed is moves that will cause massive layoffs.

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