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ITunes 10 has a column with a tick. What's that column for?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) September 3rd, 2010

The title says it all :)

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They are the songs that you want to sync with your iPod

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If the song isn’t checked it will not play unless you select it. Random and shuffle will avoid it. Pretty much the only way to get it to play is double clicking it.

If you click on the check in the header it will push unchecked songs to the bottom of your list. Surprisingly there isn’t a view option to hide the field. I’m off to file a bug report.

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Thanks @blah_blah and could you please confirm what @Ame_Evil said? Many thanks

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For the iPod I believe you have to select a option like “Only sync checked songs” in the Music section for your iPod. It is something like that. My iPod Touch is dead so I can’t check.

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^^ Yeah.

@blah_blah is correct.. as for the transferring to iPod, it’s not necessarily true. There is a setting under Preferences where you can decide whether you want your iPod to load all songs or just checked songs.

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Just for anyone else wondering about this – I’d also like to point out that this feature isn’t specific to iTunes 10 – there’s a checkbox next to the song title in previous iTunes iterations going back at least several versions.

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@bluemukaki :: True. But I think this is the first version that allows sorting by them. And they fucked the UI in this one. iTunes is usually a testing ground for UI changes in OS X. I hope that policy reverses.

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For anyone really curious you can actually turn the checkboxes off in General settings.

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