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Why does my cat enjoy licking me?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) September 4th, 2010

She’ll lick my elbow, nose, foot, leg… whatever she can get to (not all the time, just once in awhile). I was just wondering why she did it.

Oh, and to those of you that helped with the questions about my cats before, they’re doing fine. We put them in the backyard sometimes (with supervision) and they just walk around and then run back inside when they hear cars.


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I could lick you myself, with one hand tied behind my back.

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She loves you.

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It’s both a cleaning thing and a loving thing. Cats don’t clean other cats they don’t really love. Mine will all clean each other a bit, but the one girl wakes up the other girl every morning by giving her a full bath. It’s sign of loving and caring – kind of like humans hugging, cuddling, and brushing each others hair.

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I think taste is involved, too. Maybe they like the salt or whatever on our skin.

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I have one cat that I just know licks me to be irritating. I think it’s a way to play and to tease me. It starts out as being affectionate, turns into a game. What book was it where a cat was saying humans disgusted her because they never cleaned themselves?

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It seems to be for salt. My cat doesn’t lick me unless I have been sweaty. But if I get sweaty and sit down she will lick me.

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I use an organic body lotion that smells (and apparently tastes) like coconut. Not only does Milo lick me but so do nearby dogs.

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It’s a way of showing affection.

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She loves you!
And you are a salty person…

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My cat seems to only do that when he wants me to get moving. It’s a gentle way to nudge me out of bed or out of my office chair and down the stairs to feed him.

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Ok, I have to, because of @rebbel’s thread.

Because your cat, like me, loves a good cock.

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A lot of cats just lick! It means she loves you, and because she loves you, she wants to groom you. You petting her might also subconsciously remind her of her mother when she was a kitten.

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Is it reciprocal?

Do you lick pussy?

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@zen_ Nice. That’s what was needed.

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Hey 15 answers into a question about a cat licking an elbow – I was patient.

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