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I think I accidentally deleted my computers ability to make sound. do I get it back?

Asked by testypoo (13points) September 5th, 2010

So I wrote this question last night and was removing things that automatically started up when I start my computer and removing programs that I didn’t use anymore and now my computer isn’t making sound. Again, I know nothing about computers. How can I get my sound back. Thank you all.

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It dipends on your OS. For instance, Windows XP Home. Vista Business, Windows 7, Ubuntu 10 Desktop etc…

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See if this works, go into control panel, and click ‘administrative tools’. Then click on ‘services’ and scroll down until you see Windows Audio. Right-click, start it and set it to automatic.

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What do you mean by set it to automoatic?

By the way, I use Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron 6000 from about 2005

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When I go into sounds and audio devices properties, it says “No Audio Device”

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Open msconfig and choose a restore point before you deleted the sound and it should be restored as if you never did it.

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Sounds like your computer may be bugged/infected with viruses..
There is a relatively universal driver for integrated motherboard sound called the AC 97’ audio driver/codec. Give this a try and if not you can remove it through windows add/remove programs. Hope this helps you some.

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