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Pirate festival costume help! See details.

Asked by Nullo (21944points) September 25th, 2010

We’re going to the annual Pirate Festival tomorrow, and I was rather suddenly informed that this time, we were to try to wear costumes.

I realized at that point that I own nothing even remotely pirate-like.

So I decided to go dressed as a data pirate (and wrap a bandanna around my head). I’m looking for things that would make my theme somewhat more obvious, and that could be assembled from the parts commonly found lying around in a house with too many computers.

Any suggestions?

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Add some DVDs/CDs to your costume. That way you could be a “Bittorrent pirate.”

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If you have a white button up shirt, black or khaki pants, and a bandanna… you’re good to go as a regular old pirate.

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Wear flash drive earrings and a black hat.

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Wear a raincoat with CDs, DVDs and credit cards on the inside, and a t-shirt that says “I can be you. No problem” . Go around opening the raincoat, and say “I can get you a good deal on movies, music, new identity…”

Maybe make a “parrot” out of spare computer parts and wear it on your shoulder…

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Love your “data pirate”, very cool.

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I think too-short khaki pants with belt, short-sleeved button down shirt, white socks and white tape over the bridge of a pair of black glasses would be a great start. Add an ID badge around your neck with a thumb drive or 12 attached to the bottom of the badge lanyard. Add a small flip-top notebook in shirt pocket with a mechanical pencil. Slick your hair back. Add some padding for paunch and walk with your toes slightly duck-footed and you have it made.

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