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Do you think you could survive 2 months with no support?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4846points) September 5th, 2010

Would you survive if you had nobody to talk to for 2 months. Nobody to count on. At the end of the 2 months do you think you would be depressed or as happy as can be.

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Two months is nothing. I could do it. I’m basing that on two years ago, when I passed out at seven in the morn and awoke at five PM, during Winter. I barely ever saw any sunlight. I got sick too, I think not seeing any sun caused it. This lasted for almost six whole months lol. It DOES get…depressing yes, but I was able to hack it.
Not saying I’d do it again though, despite that I love the night.

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Sorry, I can’t imagine no support and nobody to talk to.

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Yeah, I could. No problem.

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Yes, would rather not, but yes. I live on a secluded property as it is, often go several days at a time without seeing or talking to anyone.

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No doubt. Yes, I could survive and be very happy for 2 months or an eternity.

Though, that would require us to define “survive” and “happy” v-a-r-y carefully.

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Am I shut-in or out in the wild? Because that has a serious impact on my answer. I can’t survive out in the middle of no where for more than a day. It’s kind of sad, but true. I’m a city-slicker through and through. If I’m locked in an apartment with enough food for a few months, but no Internet or anything to contact people, sure I could survive. I’ll actually get some reading done that way. Would I do it longer than necessary? Nah. I like being able to talk to people. People can be nice.

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The main actor in The Pianist did not interact with people for six months to prepare for his role. I’m not sure I would last two months without some sort of scarring or a totally new perspective of human interaction, but I could certainly survive it.

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I can’t handle a day without talking to my best friend in one form or another. When I was in the hospital and my phone died so I couldn’t even text her, I started edging toward the deep end and getting irritable and nasty before 24 hours was even up. Everyone else, though? Sure, I could go two months. As it is, sometimes I go days without speaking a word aloud. An average day of socializing leaves me with a raw throat because I’m so unaccustomed to talking.

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If i had to yes i could, i certainly wouldn’t do it by choice.

I’m guessing i would be depressed until i met up with some people then i would be as happy as can be.

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of course that is why I am answering this question I go months without interacting with a real person.

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I think I could survive, if I have my computer and food.

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As long as I have something to occupy my brain, I’d be fine. Books, art supplies, movies, newspapers… anything to keep my brain busy.

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Sounds like a dream vacation imo.

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Yes I think I could do it and I think I would emerge a changed person and most probably enlightened in some form…I’ve often thought about doing this kind of thing for a couple of weeks or a month…but it’s difficult when you have a child!

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Absolutely, as I’ve things to occupy my mind.

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I would ge depressed but I would survive.

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@muppetish it would be like your everyday normal life except no one to talk to.

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As long as I had my Kindle and food, I could do it. The longest I’ve gone without talking to someone before was a week and I didn’t even notice it. I could definitely go longer if I had to, but I wouldn’t do it by choice.

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Wait, if you mean like I am stranded on an island with no other contact, then yes, I could survive.

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Yes I could

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