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Why do rooms in tinychat keep banning me?

Asked by beancrisp (1117points) September 6th, 2010

I just got a new webcam yesterday and decided to go on tinychat and join some rooms, but I’ve been banned from over ten rooms for reason I can’t figure out. Since I’m new at using a webcam all I did was start broadcasting and look into the webcam.

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I’ve been banned by three more rooms since I ask this question. I even ask for a reason before I start broadcasting, but they still ban me without giving a reason.

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I anyone here has a tinychat I would like to go to your room. Maybe you can tell me why.

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Are you doing anything that violates their terms of service? Have you checked the TOS?

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People can ban someone from their chat room for any or no reason. I’m just curious why people keep banning me.

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I’ve been banned by four more rooms since my last post. The only way I can prove it was for no reason is for someone to be in the same room as me.

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Perhaps people set up rooms for their friends and ban all ‘strangers’?

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The friends only rooms are password protected.

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I’ve been banned by more rooms. Didn’t keep count.

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It doesn’t sound like a very friendly place to be honest. At risk of this comment being deemed unhelpful I’d like to offer that you do not go on tiny chat anymore and instead put your feet up, bring a beverage of your own choosing and settle down here with some lovely, friendly jellies…a belated welcome! xx

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@beancrisp… I agree with @lynneblundell . Why hang where you’re not wanted? They could be banning you because of your age, because of the way you dress, because of your sex or race… or for no reason at all.

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There’s no way that people are deliberately banning you. Tinychat is seen as a sort of moderation-free haven for people who want to do whatever the hell they want. There’s most likely a problem with your webcam that is making the site auto-ban you whenever you start broadcasting. I honestly couldn’t tell you what the problem is though, sorry.

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@beancrisp Welcome to Fluther and, Please, join in the discussions. All are welcome here, even if the discussions sometimes do get a bit passionate. The real flame bait and similar things are moderated out as you can see above. So unless you are really really obnoxious (I’m sure you’re not going by your question), then you’ll never have to fear getting “banned”. This is Fluther, after all!

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