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What would be your wishes from God after death?

Asked by 9doomedtodie (3113points) September 6th, 2010

I wil tell them “Please don’t send me on earth again, Even if my sins are too high then please forgive me & keep me with you.”
I will tell them” Give me a life where i can get peaceful, happy life, life with best relationships, World in which love, peace, joy exists”.

What would be your wishes?
Atheists, ignore this question..

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Please look after my loved ones that are still alive.

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Can you just delete my existence, soul, everything? Life on Earth was long enough, I don’t want to be around for eternity.

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Q?... Is “Atheists, ignore this question” one of your wishes?

BTW… I didn’t know that God was a Djinn who granted wishes.

Who knew?

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don’t kill me…let me fix my mistakes… and take-out lots of take-out

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Forgive my sins, forgive sins of my love ones, and have someone take care of them till we can all be together again.

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And what do you mean by “them” as you refer to speaking with God as “I wil tell them” twice.

How many Gods does it take to make a God?

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I’m am agnostic so I’m not supposed to ignore this question so…My wish for God is:
Please,show all people on Earth that you are not what they think you are,(a fairy that listens to your prays and wishes,make them come true and watches for you like a mom.)To bad this is not going to happen because God is not fairy
@RealEyesRealizeRealLies good points.

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May I please see my loved ones I lost on Earth now?

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That he explain a whole lot of shit to me; about why the world works the way it works.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies : God is honourable for me. So I used them.

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I really don’t understand what that means. Where are you from @blinkErri? I don’t recognize what “a honourable” means or why it justifies denoting God in the plural. Please explain at your leisure.

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Why can’t God be interpreted the way people feel like it? It’s not like there is a right answer to what God is.

As for the question, after death, I would ask God to share all the knowledge that I was unable to achieve while I was alive.

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or let me see the secrets of the universe… like the CIA thread

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[mod says] If you aren’t actually answering the question, please don’t post here. Stick to the topic at hand, please.

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send me back with perma-buzz!

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Wishes from god after death. ... I would have no wishes. being with god after I die would be like Heaven.

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I’d wish, that I had “gotten”, what I was suppose to “get”, in this life, so I won’t have to repeat this one!

@lillycoyote, “he”?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Denoting someone in the plural in some cultures is a sign of respect. It’s an old formal thing that English has dropped. Norwegian used to use it… and still does, a bit.

@blinkErri In English, we simply capitalise the ‘Him’ to denote the respect.
(and I’m ignoring the question as requested, just helping out the language issues…if that’s OK)

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Death is a state of unconsciousness, so I won’t be able to ask!

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My wish would be that He convince us not to be so fixated on what happens after we die and be more concerned with how we live.

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“Do your god damned job, god”.

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Given god is within every individual that thinks he/she exists – and it is a part of their brain. I would say to them: stop lying to yourselves. You’re playing both roles. It’s just that some of your gods have norms and follow a book, and others don’t.

The pursuit of truth may be the better way, than delusion and confusion.

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Thanks @cazzie. I didn’t know that. @xdimqt These are terminologies that I was unfamiliar with. That’s why I asked for clarification, of which @blinkErri provided with pm.

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Well… I wouldn’t have wishes, per se, but I would ask why African Americans have nappy hair.

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Well if God exists and I’m asking then I suppose I was wrong to be an atheist – I’d wish to be anywhere, just with my love.

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Reduce the disease pain of my mother

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I would have so many questions I wouldn’t know where to begin (how the universe came about, why are we here, are we alone in the universe). Yes, too many questions.

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Seat in his lap, and been pampered and Loved by him like mother pampering child and love him.
Just all pure and pious. I like to feel how it feels like compare to one on earthly love and feelings..

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