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What goes on at the Coors light mystery mansion?

Asked by Cdog95 (82points) September 7th, 2010

This is just for fun. Since there have been so many commercials about it I decided to actually ask it with the intention of an answer.

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They drink lots of Guinness.

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As a perfectly unbiased observer (I have never seen one of these commercials), I can tell you without hesitation that it’s kind of like a waiting room in a bus station. All the action is outside. Nothing happens inside. Sorry to burst your bubble (if you ever had one, which I doubt, because if you are watching beer commercials, it means you are watching sports, which means you have no time for bubbles, only fantasy leagues and tailgating, and that’s only if you do get outside, which most couch potatoes won’t since they need to watch several games at once plus be in touch with their bookies, which is what they are usually doing when the beer commercials come on, so how do you even know about these commercials, ‘cause you should be giving your full attention to your bookie and that’s why you’ve been losing so much money and maybe your plasma TV in which case you will end up outside anyway, barbecuing and listening to the sound of the crowd from outside the stadium the end).

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