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To-go foods?

Asked by brownlemur (4086points) March 26th, 2008

I feel like I’m always running out of the house with nothing healthy in my system before a long day. I need some good ideas for quick and healthy foods that I can grab on the way out. I don’t mind prepping the night before, I just can’t think straight at 6:30AM about what food I should bring to school. I’m getting pretty sick of PB&J, carrots, grapes and granola bars. Help a poor grad student feed himself!

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Health shakes. Blenders are only $15 at Target. I live by them.

And one of your topics sent me into a fit of laughter I may never recover from.

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Ooh. I do this all the time. I am in love with:

Oh god… just… all of them. Yum!

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honey roasted peanuts. YUM

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You want a lot of protein. I love raw whole almonds. They are great for your health and surprisingly filling.

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Thanks for the quick responses so far! @jz1220 – I am sitting here almost in pain because I just ate about half a bag of raw whole almonds. It hurts so good….

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Also: Best thing ever is hummus and pita. Its so easy too.

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how about a cup of yogurt?

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String cheese, yogurt with granola (but put the granola in a separate bag until you are ready to eat it or it gets soggy), crackers (healthy ones – I like AkMak and Ryvita) and cheese, trail mix, sliced cucumber, hummous plus just about anything (my favorite brand these days is Sabra). My favorite to-go lunch lately has been a couple slices of a some yummy bread (like walnut or olive), and in a separate container a tomato, avocado, hunk of cheese, and a few slices of deli chicken/turkey. I throw a knife in my lunch bag and slice/assemble everything at lunch time. It’s quick and easy and delicious. Bars are expensive but yummy and filling too – I like Odwalla bars and Clif Nectar bars.

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My husband and I bought a juicer a few months back. We are enjoying making all kinds of juices. You can even make them the night before and put them into a mason jar. If you do this immediately, it will preserve all of the good vitamins and benefits of the fresh juice. The juices are very filling and are so healthy for you. One of our favorites is a carrot, apple and ginger juice. It’s a great pick me up.

We also keep lots of fresh veggies and fruit cut up in small containers to snack on at home or to take on the go.

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I often buy a bunch of bulk nuts and dried fruits for my own tral mix. Grab a handfull or throw them in a bag for later. When I need a quick breakfast I often throw some cheese on a bagel, heat it up and am out the door. I often grab an apple or orange for something to snack on later.

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