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The trigger of world war 1?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) September 9th, 2010

Home work question:Why was the assassination of ArchDuke Ferdinand by the black hands the trigger that started world war 1

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The short answer will be found by in the term “Secret Protectorates”. Too many nations had essentially said “I got your back” behind closed doors. I’m over simplifying the hell out of this, but it was like picking on the one kid and then he goes and gets 20 friends, but its okay because you have 20 friends too and then there is Playground War I…

That’s the elementary textbook type answer though. If you’re looking for the deeper political and economic causes I’ll have to leave that to somebody a bit more learned than myself.

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so what your saying is that gemany was like the kid getting picked on and he goes his allies to help him out.. i think

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The immediate cause was the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand by Serbian assasins. The real cause was Mutual Protection Pacts as crazyivan explained.

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Germany was not the kid being picked on. Germany was the protector. Archduke Ferdinand was not from Germany but from the Austro-Hungarian empire.

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Yeah, Serbs shot Archduke Ferdinand. Austro-Hungarians (A-H) declared war on Serbs (IIRC), who were protected by the Russians. (Or was it the French? Anyways, the French, English and Russians-the Triple Entente-were protecting each other.) The Triple Entente declare war on A-H. Germany was A-H’s protector and beat up on France.

Suggested reading: “All’s Quiet on the Western Front” for a look at what WWI was lik

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Johnny get your gun was a great WW1 novel. and read your textbook and stop cheating. lol

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Unrelated, but Johnny Got His Gun was one of the greatest anti-war novels ever written.

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