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Has any muslim leader ever apologized for 911?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) September 9th, 2010

Wife and i were discussing the proposed mosque in New York City, when the question surfaced about a muslim apology. she said this would be a good question for Fluther, so here goes. Question: has any muslim leader ever apologized for 911?

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I’m not sure what you mean by “apologize.” In order to apologize for something, you generally need to be responsible for it. Al-Qaeda hasn’t apologized.

Numerous Muslim leaders have condemned the attacks and said they were un-Islamic.

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Same here in Singapore.

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@Qingu not to get off-topic, but that’s the exact same situation we’ve got right now with the church in florida burning qurans. There are Muslims in Al-qaeda just as there are hypocrites in Christianity.

But to answer the question, I suppose they have but my doubts lay heavy on the sincerity of their apologies.

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@Gamer44, here’s a useful infographic on the relation between “Muslims” and “al-Qaeda.”

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Who made this chart, and how did he/she get the information? That’s like saying you can tell who has faith from those who play the ‘i go to church and put a smile on my face’ game.

I’m referring to the Al-Qaeda stats.

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Generally you don’t apologize unless you’re responsible for something. And obviously, those who are actually responsible won’t be apologizing.

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I think Obama apologized.

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@Gamer44, religious identification is inherently messy (am I a Jew? I don’t think so, but my grandma does). Are Christians who only go to church on Christmas and Easter really Christians, or do you truly need to believe in the Trinity and the resurrection?

I imagine the stats are based on how people self-identify. I’ve seen statistics for Muslims from anywhere between 1.5 and 2 billion.

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well it doesn’t seem like they have been very vocal AT ALL about denouncing those acts. They seem more than happy however, to let American GI’s go over there and deal with the problem. maybe they are hedging or are afraid to speak up. I watch the news often and it seems to me it would have been top headlines if a Muslim group would do that. I would have caught it.

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@woodcutter, you might want to click on the link in my first response.

Out of curiosity, what news channel do you watch?

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@Qingu Mostly CNN. Anyway we Americans need to be reminded that they don’t subscribe to that violence, until this struggle is over.More importantly they need to let the radicals all know this OFTEN, I mean push it. Not to start up a shitstorm here but IMO this is a Muslim problem. Only they can stop it. Getting involved in shooting wars won’t.

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Has the Vatican ever apologized for all of the priests who abuse children? In no way is this an apples-to-apples comparison, but there’s not exactly a ‘head Muslim office’ out there who organizes this kind of thing. The Norwegian government has never apologized for the Vikings either, but it would be a meaningless gesture anyway.

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@woodcutter – Thinking most muslims go along with the 9/11 attacks is approximately like thinking the Oklahoma City bombers represented a mainstream American view that government buildings should be bombed, killing anyone inside indiscriminately.

Have you denounced the Oklahoma City bombing publicly? Have you denounced the act outside your own country?

I haven’t, I hope people outside my country and culture will assume I don’t want kill innocent people, I’ll extend them the same courtesy.

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@funkdaddy I admittedly strayed slightly from the op’s question by substituting apology with denounce. There is no reason for those who weren’t involved to apologize. Although completely different words, the word denounce is a more practical expectation in this matter. I’m not hearing it enough in the public forum, especially from the Arab countries’ population. Instead I hear how Imams here take advantage of the 1st amd to trash the west. It ain’t helping the situation. I hear this happening in England too. I’m sure MI-5 is watching their activities closely there as well as FBI in the states. OKC bombing is completely different deal. That was a handful of nutjobs involved, not a hijacked religion being used and praised by thousands in many countries. I don’t agree with the motivation or act behind the OKC attack…....but I understand why.
@Mamradpivo Yes I do think the Vatican did apologize for the child abuse, that’s been in the news recently, but that again is completely off topic. Again the reasoning behind those abuses were a completely different deal. I mean how far back do we really want to go here?

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I have seen a couple of groups over the years that have apologized for it in a way, even though they had nothing to do with it, I have seen them apologize for what they called at the time “the actions of other muslims”. however, I cant seem to find any links to it anymore.

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I’m looking for direct quotes but having trouble finding anything other than rhetoric filled crap from various different opinions when I do a google or yahoo search…

But remembering the events and the news in the days immediately following 9/11 very well, pretty much the entirety of the Islamic world condemned the acts within a week (if not the day of), and came out speaking against those who would commit such heinous acts. Even Afghanistan condemned the acts, in a strange bit of irony.

Not an apology, but as posted before, why should they apologize when they didn’t do anything wrong?

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I don’t think the Muslims need to apologize, I think they only need to condemn the acts, and to show gestures of inclusivity. It is the same for any religion. Nut job Christians in a small church in FL want to burn the Qur’an, another group of rowdy violent Christians set fire to a mosque under contrustion in TN, and then a group of Christians in Cordova, TN allows Muslims to use their church for prayer while their own mosque is being built. Those Christians in Cordova can know that they should not be judged by the acts of the radical Christians, they should not have to apologize for the lunatics that claim their same faith either.

The Catholic church is a different thing. It seems to be systemic, and sanctioned. I believe they have apologized for the pediphilia and the holocaust? Although, Catholics were killed in the holocaust also, so I might be remembering that incorrectly.

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lets fix two birds with one stone… TAX ALL RELIGIONS.

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@woodcutter, how often would you like to hear Muslims denounce 9/11 in order to be satisfied?

Like, would this be a weekly thing? Every Ramadan? Or what?

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Further, who would be the appropriate Muslim leader to apologize? This is ridiculous. I’ve noticed @john65pennington likes to ask these sorts of questions (or something about immigrants) then frequently doesn’t interact on discussions he started. How about it @john65pennington? Any comments for anybody about the points they’ve made? A little dialog?

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@cockswain : I didn’t know we were expected to respond to our own questions. i have had occasions where i asked a question, and then later on, inserted my opinion, and have been criticized by people saying “why did you ask the question if you were going to answer it?” so @john65pennington asked it and i think has the right not to insert his opinion if he wants to.

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@jca True enough, but I guess my response was more based on his track record of asserting pretty lame ideology in his questions, then later asking similarly themed questions that indicate he didn’t learn one damn thing from previous answers we gave him.

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@Qingu I would like to hear them denounce the anti west rhetoric as often as their evil twin AKA Alkaida sends their trash out. The hate talk needs to be countered. If they can keep the fact that they denounce these acts alive in all our memories, however often it takes, it will go a long way for them gaining more trust from those who think they are in cahoots with the bad guys. The fact that most of us have to search diligently to uncover any such denouncements illustrates my point. Anyway, talk is cheap. At least it is out here in my neck of the woods, how about yours? I want to see more action from the so called moderate Muslims. solid action. Islam has an out of control teenage brat among them all and they alone need to get a handle on it, not American soldiers.

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@woodcutter, who is “they”? All 1.7 billion Muslims?

Are you suggesting that moderate American muslims trek to the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan and hunt down al-Qaeda themselves?

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@Qingu There are Muslims all over the world. Specifically those in Saudi Arabia, etc. I suppose I failed to make that clear before, oh wait I did try..from one of my posts above~ I’m not hearing it enough in the public forum, especially from the Arab countries’ population. ~end quote> The govts. there are permitting the hate text in the madrassas to kids barely old enough to decide what is right or wrong. You’ve heard of them I’m sure. There they teach the youngsters about the
“Great Satan” and of course all we “infidels”. They dislike our freedoms especially those of the women. And they are really peeved at our porn, which happens to be the best in the world. Ok maybe the German’s do that better but you get my point.

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I agree that Saudi Arabia is a huge problem, as it’s hugely influenced by the Salafi sect. Also, this sect is actively evangelizing throughout the world, financed by Saudi oil money (which the Saudis get by selling us oil).

However, most Muslims in the world are not Salafist; most Muslims in the world are not even Arabs. The most populous Muslim country is Indonesia.

Salafism is certainly not popular among American Muslims, and I doubt it’s popular among European Muslims either.

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You submit to a religion
A religion does not submit to you

& so

An entire religion should not have to apologize for anything a few idiotic individuals have done that screamed ‘religion’.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of a particular example so I will go with the following one: Do all Christians need to apologize for ‘priests’ who have molested children? Do such Priests represent Christians?

I am a bit surprised that you find Muslims and terrorists synonymous. You are an officer, you should have an idea about how many Muslims have actually been violent.

People who practice a different faith are not aliens. They are humans and have families and feel the same way about them as you do. Unfortunately instability and tyranny with the mix of oil and foreign powers wanting cheap oil has devastated the middle-east. It has caused a lot of devastation and because of all this, it has allowed the creation of radical militant groups and also the misunderstand and misuse of Quran.

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Looks like we, as Americans, can start a dialogue by apologizing for our government. Corporate greed. Our arrogance. Into thinking we could fool the world by killing our own as a means to gain a foothold in the Middle East. Steal oil. Out spend every other program in the world so a handful of people could reap the benefits. What a disgusting legacy these people have left. I’m ashamed to be an American. We framed an entire culture so we could murder and steal and claim legitimacy as a global power. What a joke! The people envolved are all jokes. Most of the world knows we’re a joke. That we continually use this tactic as a means to gain the moral upper ground to do whatever we want. And now to dismantle our bill of rights! This is what happens when we become so passive and trust everything our stupid media tells us. Our media which by the way is owned by all the same corporations that have their hands in the cookie jar called uncontrolled defense spending. Please have the sense to follow the money and it all becomes very clear.

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