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WHAT is up with nude colored lingerie?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19031points) September 9th, 2010

Alright, I just don’t get nude colored lingerie. I mean, I get it from a practical point of view – sure, the fleshy tone blends more than a white bra under my white shirt, and makes it so that I don’t have to buy both a black and a white bra/thong. But often I see it outside of the strictly practical realm of things. In fact, I see it on lingerie that, due to it’s design, has no practical value at all. I see it on sheer lace thongs that provide no coverage and cannot understand why you would not simply go commando? I see them in teddies with no wires and don’t know why you’d spend money on that.

So, Fluther, is this some normal fantasy I’m just not in on, or is this a weird aberration of the fashion world?

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My guess would be that some people like to feel sexy but not advertise it to those around them. I used to have a pair of white jeans with the material thick enough to cover up a pair of lacy panties, but not enough to prevent exposing a dark colored pair.

What do you mean by, ”...and makes it so that I don’t have to buy both a black and a white bra/thong.”?

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@Pied_Pfeffer So if you buy a nude colored bra, then you can wear it under all colors. But if you don’t, then you have to buy one in both white (for the white shirts) and black (for the black shirts). If you wear a white bra under a black shirt or vice versa, it’ll show.

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I prefer my babes in fishnet stockings.

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@Ben_Dover I’ve never heard a male call his man-boobs “babes”, but to each his own.

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I don’t possess any lingerie in flesh/nude tones, i’d rather not wear any!

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@papayalily Thank you for the explanation. That is why I don’t own any white bras. And while on the topic, I’ve always wondered about how women who aren’t light-skinned handle this.

A curtsy to @iammia.

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I hate fleshy-toned bra’s and underwear. I would prefer black :)

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Unfortunately, black and nude are the main colors in my size boulder holder without spending $80. But I have no choice but to accept that. And as for me wearing a nude bra with a tank top makes me feel uncomfortable because it makes my skin tone look uneven. So I wear a black one.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – lurve, lurve, lurve for your answer to @Ben_Dover, that was the best!!!

I think that besides its invisibility on light skinned people, it doesn’t get the dingies as plain white will do no matter how carefully you wash it!

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I like nude bras and panties. I am look horrible with white. @rooeytoo Lol the dingie factor also is another reason I don’t care for white.

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I don’t happen to own any undergarments in flesh tone because I think the color looks creepy. It makes me look like I’m wearing skin. Just my own messed up perception, I guess.

@shego – Check out Just My Size. They have great colors and styles in large sizes.

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@tedibear Did you see “Silence of the Lambs” at a young age?

Anyway, the only bras I own are nude in colour. Buying bras is a pain in the royal batootska for me, and I’d rather have the ones I do own not glare through everything I own.

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Aside from the practical answers (white clothing, mostly), it can be hot. Wearing nude colored lingerie is like being almost naked, which is just one sexy step away from being really naked.
Also, what’s a nude color to you or me might be a lovely and flattering tan, pale pink, or chocolate brown to someone else.

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I’m thinking it’s what @Likeradar says – the (even further) allusion to nudity/nakedness.

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Nude blends under almost all colors of clothing. Nude lingerie means you can choose to wear something attractive to you (or someone else) other than “boulder holder” or “grama panties”. I’d never wear white underclothes since they show badly through white clothes and show ever bit of dust, makeup, sweat, etc.

I’m a lingerie girl so if I need a slip under a dress or skirt then I want it as lovely as possible while it’s serving duty. Same with bras, knickers and stockings. I figure when I do have to wear clothes then they’re going to please me (and maybe someone else) until I can be comfy and naked again.

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Most “nude” lingerie doesn’t suit me. Too dark or too light. :/

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I know this is an old Q, but I find it very interesting people don’t like nude undergarments. When I was in tue biz I used to tell women the ugliest bras make the prettiest clothes. I was talking about under t-shirt like clothing and thin sweaters. They liked the idea of seems and lace, and many thought white should go under white. But, white bras show under white shirts, flesh tone is what dissappears. And, lace and seems show up as bumpy under fitted knit clothing. The seems change the shape of the breast also, while smooth gives a rounder fuller look to the breast typically, unless the bra is a minimizer.

Nude is a bad term since people come in many different colors. When I worked for Wacoal some bras came in both an ivory and a beige. We also had a browner shade in some bras for people with much darker skin.

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@JLeslie – I agree, I only own nude bras and they are smooth and plain polyester so cotton shirts don’t stick on them.

what is “tue” biz???

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@rooeytoo It’s a typo. Should be “the biz.” Meaning I worked in the business.

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hehehe I thought maybe it was some secret code pertaining to retail clothing!

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