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When you were little did drinking a bottle of root beer make you feel like you were very grown up?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10780points) September 10th, 2010

I remember buying root beer since it tasted good, and clearly was so closely associated with beer that it carried a similar name. Drinking beer, cool. Drinking root beer…not quite as cool, but I’ll take it….I think was my exact mindset.

Did you experience the same? Or was it just another tame soft drink.

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Nope. I would walk around drinking cream soda in a coozy pretending I was old and drinking beer. I did the same thing with Black Cherry soda in the bottles thinking it was wine (I didn’t know the difference in bottles). I felt like a total badass.

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Yup! It still does..
Boy, I could use a cold one.

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Yay! Root beer! Though I always liked Coke more.

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Nope. It was, and still is a great drink though.

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I can’t say that it did, as much as I liked it and the Pennsylvania Dutch version called Birch Beer. Having a Ginger Beer does make me feel like less of a Muggle.

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No, it did not.

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Damn it, now I want a root beer float.

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I never liked root beer, but having a Shirley Temple sure did! The color, the ‘fancy’ plastic sword skewering the maraschino cherries… very sophisticated. I still love Shirley Temples.

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Gadzooks! I have to carbon date myself. Drinking rootbeer did not make me feel as grown as when I purchased candy cigerettes and pretended with each nibble that the flame was buring it away like a real cigarette. Dang you making me date myself! :-P

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I once got ID buying root beer as the cashier thought it was actual beer.

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Nope. I’ve never had root beer, we don’t get it here. Unless it’s something like Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale?

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Absolutely! I loved it because it made me burp and it was one of the few soft drinks I was allowed to drink straight from the bottle, instead of having it poured into a cup or glass!

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I never liked root bear, but I always thought that the glass bottles looked close to beer and those made me feel cool.

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