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How do I unfriend someone on Facebook?

Asked by anartist (14781points) September 10th, 2010

I accidentally sent a friend invitation to someone who has the same unusual name as a friend of mine before finding my real friend. And for some unknown reason the stranger accepted my friend invitation. Now postings from both people show up on my page and it is confusing. Neither she [the stranger with the same name] nor I have any interest in being friends. What do I do?

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Just go to their FB page and hit “Remove From Friends” located at the lower left corner of their page.

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Thank you! How delightfully easy!

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Yeah that one is easy. When I first saw your question I thought you had sent a friend request and wanted to undo that before the guy accepts your request. It has happened to me and there is no simple way to undo a FR as far as I know…but there is a little smart way to undo a FR, too.

The way I handled that was to go to their profile and then block them. Then I go to my privacy settings and remove them from my block list. That way I basically cancel my FR. LOL

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@BonusQuestion An easier way to remove someone with a FR status is to go to Account, Edit Friends, and Friends. This pulls up a list of all, including pending requests. Just locate their name and click on the ‘X’ on the far right of their name.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thanks. Never noticed that. :) I always thought there should be a way to undo a FR from their profile page, but there isn’t. Your method makes perfect sense. Good to know.

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Thanks all
Question done been answered.

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