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No Qur'an burning no mosque?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) September 11th, 2010

So now that pastor John capitulated on his Qur’an burning will there be quid pro quo from the iman and the cultural center with a mosque will relocate elsewhere?

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I hope not. It would be like giving in to blackmail.

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I will waste $2000 on qurans im never going to read if you waste $100 million on the mosque you are planing to build.

far from a fair trade.

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No. There never was any sort of deal regarding no mosque if the idiot pastor didn’t burn the book(s). There will still be a community center (not a mosque, where do people get this erroneous information?).

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It would be absurd. There is no comparison. The builders of the mosque have invested a great deal of money in the land, the architect’s design, and an extensive PR campaign. Money talks.

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There was never such a deal. The pastor’s talking out of his arse – as usual.

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I suspect that the “pastor” is congratulating himself on the publicity stunt to get more members to join his little cult.

I understand that he is looking to have the church declared as a legitimate church to insure his tax deductible status. I he stands to make a million or more dollars off of this stunt. The guy’s pretty smart, crooked but smart. It also shows Muslims to be an incredibly gullible group. Any religious group with self confidence would condemn the guy to hell and get on with business. This sensitivity to “insults” is a sign of the lack of self-esteem and self confidence. They really need to work on that.

Just imagine if the Catholic or Jews rioted at the slightest insult. We would have daily world wide riots.

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