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What does it mean when you send a cake to a woman (whom you met once at a party) every 4 months for two years, and she never responds except to eat and enjoy the cake?

Asked by Zaku (24538points) March 27th, 2008

You just had a friendly talk once, and you just know through from the web of mutual acquaintances that she’s been enjoying the cake and wondering about it, and knows you’re sending it, but never responds. I mean, if I received one, or certainly two cakes, and I knew who sent even the first one, I don’t know what I’d do, but I doubt I’d just eat it and say nothing. Sadly I haven’t had occasion to find out.

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hah! You took my comment to heart, eh @Zaku?

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are your sources reliable? I wouldn’t eat any unpackaged food given to me by someone I don’t really know.

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@ zaku ~ what is up with the whole cake thing? I also read the thread robmandu quoted above as well as another one where gailcalled wrote about it. I have not heard of this phenomenon of sending someone cake before until now. Is it a good or bad thing to get cake?

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@Zaku’s being funny.

The whole “Cake” thing came up in the thread linked in my quip above. Some girl was regularly getting a cake every few months from what she supposed might be a gentleman suitor, but who, other than bringing cakes by, never attempted any other communication.

She updated the thread over the course of several weeks. Flutherites got a big kick out of it.

I posted a comment today at the very end of the original cake thread suggesting that the reason the gentleman suitor stopped bringing her cakes was that maybe he was also a Flutherer, and maybe he saw her question asking for advice on how to get him to stop, and so he did… and that the mysterious cake guy could therefore be any one of us.

I doubt my comment was the fuel for this post by @Zaku, though.

But I do find the coincidence to be kinda funny.

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@Zaku: Too Funny!

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So, I don’t understand. Is this a real question? Or, someone having a good laugh? I have to admit, I couldn’t resist reading the question to see if I could decide how truly messed up the poster was.

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Only @Zaku can say for sure.

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it means your a sucker who has stalker tendencys

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Fluther is very weird today…

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True that, @iSteve.

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Funny or not, I’m kinda creeped out!

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its a joke off the old cake question

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Yes, it’s a joke. It has, however provided a breath of lighthearted camaraderie to my recent feelings of fluther. I mean, come on. Last night they had to put a big banner at the top of the screen saying, “Let’s Hug It Out!” There’s been some tense shit going on ‘round here, and… I don’t know, This question just made me laugh again.

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you should ask urself & tell us what you want to send her cake?

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Thanks everyone.

It’s indeed a real question I’d like to know people’s considered answers to, if anyone is interested.

The real question worded above doesn’t assert I am cake man, though I am inspired by and sympathetic to him. And I’ve done more than my quota of imaginative societally uncharted acts. I was busy yesterday and wanted at least a day of answers before I explained deliberately, but indeed robmandu’s post on the original question inspired this one.

It’s a real question for me because I understand, relate, appreciate, and often do do things that others either wouldn’t think to do, or wouldn’t do if they thought it, out of creativity, inspiration, love, playfulness, and the desire to create and share a wonderful world.

I’m interested what thoughts people have about fun behavior such as this.

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Oh, it’s CAKE. I thought somebody said RAKE. No wonder Jennifer Aniston didn’t call me back.

Note to self: Cancel contract with Home Depot.

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A RAKE might be more effective at getting conversation started. Maybe. We could start a study to gather statistics…

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I just keep sending SAKE. I always hear back from them.

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Thanks for the laughs!

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I WAS sending DRAKES, but then they passed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. . .

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Ok, I’ll play too. I was sending BRAKES, but they stopped….groan!

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@robmanu – I was first ;-)

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Does it have to be Hake, or will any kind of fish do?

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Send me the exact cake, too. I’m hungry.

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I think that’s called “stalking by cake”. I wish someone would stalk me that way. If you know anyone that wants to stalk me with cake, I’ll send my mailing address.

I expect the woman will eventually send a thank-you card and request for no more cake when she gains too many pounds. Please put me on the list.

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I guess it depends on the type of cake sent. Personally, I prefer ice cream cakes! (non-melted)

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Okaaaaayyy…how the hell did I miss this???

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(One of my favorite question / counter-questions on Fluther.)

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