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Anyone had any luck with wart home remedies?

Asked by ibstubro (18730points) September 11th, 2010

I’m months into applying duct tape, and it works, but my plantars warts stay one step ahead, adding new seeds on the perimeter.

Will it eventually work, or do you have a better method.

FYI, Compound w ultimately ate my skin to the point that the warts were actually able to spread.

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When my brother was 7 or 8, my grandmother instructed him to rub the wart with a piece of raw bacon and then bury the bacon in the back yard under the full moon. The wart disappeared.

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I have never really had an issue with warts. I had one on my thumb years ago and it was frozen off never to return.

Warts can be very deep in the flesh and usually they need to be excised to be rid of them.

I have heard that banana peels supposedly work well as a natural remedy…you can research that just for the fun of it.

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One home remedy that really works is mashed garlic, but it hurt SO BAD that I couldn’t take more than 15 minutes. It causes the skin to blister and shed the wart the same way freezing does. Cover the wart with the garlic pulp and secure it there with a band-aid. Leave it overnight.

An easier and less painful method is to get a home freezing kit. My sister had a big wart on her wrist and I bought one of these at CVS. It took two applications as she was squirming and screaming in high drama the first time, but the wart is no more.

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We used the freezing method (liquid nitrogen) on my daughter’s warts, and it got rid of them all.

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^ Same here. One trip to the Doc, all gone.

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I don’t know firsthand… but I do know two people who swear by duct tape.

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Freezing kit also worked for my daughter.

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Duct tape worked for me on a wart that I had for 7 years.

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Aspirin tablet. Cut a whole in a plaster just big enough for the wart to stivk throught to protect the surrounding skin. Crush up an asprin tablet and cover the wart in apsirin. Add a little drop of water and then cover with another plaster.

mind you I should probably warn you that aspirin and compound w are basically the same thing

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I tried freezing off a plantars wart on my foot (Is that redundant? Are all plantars warts on feet?) to no avail. My doc said the home kit would almost never work for them, and he was right. What did work (weirdly, I thought) was a plain old emery board (nail file). I filed it a little every night and in about a week, it was gone. It hasn’t come back in over a year. Since then I’ve used the same method on two other (non-plantars) warts, with equal success. Obviously, don’t use the emery board for anything else once you’ve used it to sand off a wart.

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@augustlan Yes, plantar warts are always on your feet. The word “plantar” means pertaining to the sole of the foot. I don’t think it’s redundant, however, to say that you removed a plantar wart from your foot… because they can also be on your toes.

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I had to go to the doc and she froze the sucker a few times, with about 7 days or so in between. Only thing that worked. Hurt like a sucker.

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I used banana peel to get rid of warts on my husband and son. It does work. They weren’t plantar warts though, so I don’t know if it would work for that. I’d put a square of fresh banana peel over the wart and hold it in place with surgical tape. Leave it on all night, remove in the morning. After several days, the warts would be gone and they didn’t come back.

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I tried ALL the above home remedies and none worked. What did work was apple cider vinegar. I would pull some cotton off the top of a Qtip and dip it in apple cider vinegar then place the soaked cotton on the wart and cover with a band aid. I would do that twice a day (keeping the vinegar and bandaid on at all times, except shower). It works amazing well. The acid in the vinegar eats away the wart, but doesn’t harm the surrounding skin. Try it for a week or two!

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@gailcalled I heard the bury-in-the-yard treatment as half of a yellow onion. It made the wart I treated disappear as the time, but I think there might have been another one on my other foot.

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I think I’ll forgo the vampire treatment AND the high drama, but thanks for the post!

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Time frame? How long did duct tape take to remove the wart?

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And you did that on the bottom of your foot? Seems like the vinegar would be gone mighty quick. Maybe if I bought some of those bunion pads with the hole in the middle and covered that with a band aid.

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I might try this, yet. I believe I have read is some place other than this post (Coloma’s response included).

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@ibstubro It only took a few weeks. Up to a month, maybe.

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I’ve been at the duct tape religiously for about 6 months, and I get closer and closer, but little tiny boogers remain. I may have to combine with some of the other suggestions here.

Thanks for responding!

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How about the apple cider vinegar under the duct tape?

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@Narl I can’t think of a way to keep it moist, if it needs to be. The wart is on the ball of my foot.

I started using a different Duct tape recently. It’s nearly antique and I swear, it would remove hair better than waxing! I have to pull it off really slowly for fear that it will take the hide off my foot! I have hopes it will still work. Next up, I’ll buy some bunion pads and try the vinegar.

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While I haven’t actually tried this for warts, you should see if there is any way you can adjust your diet to fight the wart internally as well. Proper diet can help fight off most infections, and warts are caused by a virus, after all.

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