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How can you kill the nerves in a broken tooth at home?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) December 10th, 2011

Ok before I start I want to make it clear that I know I should go to a dentist instead of doing this on my own, so please dont tell me that. Reasons I wont go are: 1. I’m deathly scared of them due to an experience with a quack dentist that left my jaw messed up. And 2. I don’t have the money for one.

That being said I have a broken molar that half the tooth is gone now and has been broken for a while, the root is exposed and just now starting to REALLY hurt on a daily basis. I have one other tooth that the same thing happened and I didn’t go to the dentist for. Eventually the whole tooth broke off and nerves died so there is no pain or any issues with that one. Which I expect will eventually happen with this one.But my pain tolerance isn’t the same anymore and I cant deal with the pain on a regular basis. I’ve read a lot of home remedies online and they all say things like clove oil, vanilla extract, tea bags, etc. But those only stop the pain. My friend said holding a shot of tequila or whiskey on the tooth will kill the roots/nerves.

Has anyone on here killed their tooth’s roots/nerves at home? If so how did you do it? I don’t care how painful it was.

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I cannot recommend this course of action. It’s fortunate that your other tooth resolved itself, but avoiding the dentist can result in an infection that could make you extremely ill. A bone infection is one possibility. People have been known to die from infected teeth.

I completely understand your fear of dentists. I share a similar history with you. Root canals are expensive, but removing a tooth is cheap in comparison. Five years ago, it cost me a bit over $100 to remove one of my teeth. The price has gone up a bit, but it is still manageable. Don’t destroy your health for this.

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@snowberry Thank you for doing what I specifically asked you not to do. i already know all of that and “the risks”. also i think my fear of dentists is a little more then the common ones. without permission from me he performed oral surgery for 7 hours while i was awake, barely any pain meds and drilled away part of my jaw bone to better fit his tools in there all to remove a broken molars roots after he snapped them off because his way of pulling it out was clamping on to it, placing one foot on the chair and pushing and pulling on the tooth. i now have a messed up jaw that only likes to open when it feels like it. i will not be going back to a dentist. oh and did i mention he had to put bit blocks in my mouth because i lost too much blood to be able to hold it open on my own? that was a real treat when the sweat from his bald head kept dripping on my face and in my mouth.

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While holding whiskey in your mouth will dull the pain for a while, it will not kill the nerve.The only thing that will do that is time, and the waiting for it to die is going to be extremely painful. And, in the meantime, your health will deteriorate, you will pick up every cold or flu that comes around, and your breath will spell terrible, no matter how much breath spray you use.

I have to agree with snowberry on this one. A bad tooth is like an open door to your entire body, allowing infections that can kill you to enter – as well as not having any energy and being nasty all of the time, from the pain.

One bad experience with a dentist is not a harbinger of things to come. And if cost is a factor, check any local colleges for dental schools, or call your local health dept. and see if they can recommend a low cost or pay over time dentist.

I just read your reply to snowberry, so I will stop commenting, other than to say that there are no home remedies that will kill a nerve, or the roots, in a tooth.

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@Eureka thank you for the insight on the whiskey. i love to drink it but i dont think i can handle holding it in my mouth for a while haha. i understand that not all dentist are like that but i go into a panic attack when i go into one of their offices. so i dont know how i can get around that other then taking medication before hand which i assume isnt a good idea if they would need to give me any of their own that might have a bad effect to the ones i took.

@snowberry sorry if i came off rude, im in pain as we speak so my temper is short. again i am sorry.

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I understand that you’re afraid and that you don’t want to go to the dentist, but I feel like you are looking for a solution that doesn’t exist.
The risk of infection is real, the safety and effectiveness of home treatments are highly questionable, and there may not be an alternative to having a professional look at it. That may not be what you want to hear, but I’m not aware of another solution to your problem, other than time.
Why not talk to your primary physician or a new dentist, explain your phobia, see if they can give you some medication to relax. A fear of the dentist is very common, in varying degrees, and it’s not unusual for them to prescribe something to help you chill out. Hell, I’m not even afraid of the dentist, and my dentist dopes me up because I have a jaw issue that makes it difficult for him to work on me if I’m not completely relaxed. It’s worth looking into.

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Oh boy….I’ve had some serious bullshit regarding teeth. When I was in the army I had several cavities that needed filled. The asshole dentist drilled a canal in my mouth and filled them up. Bridging all of the fillings. This is the wrong way to do it and later in life they broke, thus causing all of the filling to fall out. I had not dental insurance at the time and because we live in such an awesome country, my insurance sought it as cosmetic to have the work done so they would not cover even the most minutiae part of it. Anyway, I let it do until it became an in issue. Hurting so bad that I wanted to kill myself. Nothing I could do helped with the exception of getting drunk and praying. I ended up at a dentists office way on the outskirts of town that pulled teeth for $50 a pop. I had 3 removed and 3 filled again. It was hell and I do not wish it upon anyone. If you find something please let me know. I tried all the natural ways and even pain killers which I highly disagree with and nothing worked. The pain is hell. I am sorry, I wish that I could bring better news but I can’t. Just go have it or them pulled.

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@judochop First, good to hear from you again, its been a while. Next im sorry that happend to you. it does suck but im glad you got it fixed. the only thing i can recommend for pain, aside from all these oils and what nots the best thing that works for me is to take a high milligram pain pill, crush it up into a powder, pack it into the tooth (if its broken) and rub it into the gums around the tooth causing the pain. it takes a few mins to kick in but it gives you a nights sleep at least.

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I read your horror story question and understand your fear. However, there are wonderful dentists out there who are not butchers. Can you not ask friends and family and find one who is gentle and competent? I didn’t have a story like yours but I used to fear dentists until my last two honies. You could also take anti-anxiety meds before going once you do find a good one.

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@janbb i could ask them but most of them hate dentist too and either dont go to them or go to the high end ones in like Vegas or Phoenix.

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Well, maybe your folks or someone could help you p[ay for a high-end ones. Tooth problems are nothing to work around or fix at home. Do you trust your GP for a recommendation?

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@janbb I dont have one. i dont have any doctors except for my Neurologists…

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Then talk it over with them.

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You are being stubborn and sorry to say, ridiculous. You already have an infection, I bet, which can easily move to your heart and KILL YOU!

If you must have it your way, I recommend pulling the tooth out yourself, or have a friend do it. There really are no other options.

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You might be able to regenerate your tooth. Maybe hook up with some of the people in the article and offer yourself as a trial. That wouldn’t cost you any money.

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Ok, obviously you do need to go to the dentist, no matter how scared or broke you are.

That said, in the meantime, oil of clove will help with the pain.

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@tinyfaery Yes i am stubbon and if it is rediculous to stick to the guns of my fears then so be it. im not scared of the “infection” (if there is one) im taking antibioitics for it, so it traveling to my heart and “KILLING ME” is a little far fectched at this moment but thank you for your dramatic opinion.

@lloydbird i actually think that what they are doing is really cool and would so be down to be a test subject even if i wasnt looking for an answer to this problem of mine. thanks for the article

@augustlan i know i know, and everyone keeps talking about clove oil… does it really work better then Rx pain killers?

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@Inked_up_chic Infinitely better. I had dry socket after a wisdom tooth extraction, and regular pain killers didn’t help at all. Went back to the oral surgeon, and he soaked a tiny gauze strip in oil of clove and packed it in the hole. The pain was gone instantly. It was kind of amazing, really.

For what it’s worth, I used to work in a dentist office, and helped people who were afraid to calm down. You can do this, girl.

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@augustlan Awww thank you, you always give great and courteous advice. how would you help us scaredy cats?

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Mostly just by chatting and distracting, sometimes holding their hand. My advice is to ask around for a dentist that “caters to cowards”, and let them know upfront how scared you are. You might also want to ask your regular doctor if he can give you some Xanax (if that’s safe) for the occasion.

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@augustlan well im already on Xanax, but i wasnt sure if drugging myself up on that enough to go (whenever i get the money) would be safe for what ever medication they would need to give me to yank the tooth.

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@Inked_up_chic Sweetie, I’m totally with you on the panic attacks when it comes to going to the dentist. I have my own horror stories to tell. Believe me, I avoid dentists whenever I can, but I have seen first hand the consequences of failing to get proper dental care (and it’s awful). Last time I went, he prescribed a powerful anxiety medication that didn’t work at all.

Clove oil is a good choice for dental pain, but your pain isn’t in a place where the clove oil will work. Prescription pain medication will help, if your body cooperate (pain meds don’t work on some people), but nobody will prescribe pain medication for you unless it’s a dentist.

I know no way to kill the root to a tooth without waiting it out, or going to a dentist. I suggest going to a dental school. It’s way cheaper than any regular dentist, but it takes longer because someone has to check the student’s work every step of the way.

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I know it’s not what you want to hear, but you really do need to go to a dentist. It’s not safe or good for your teeth to never see a dentist again. Trust me, I know all about unjustified phobias, and the best way to go is exposure.

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< = a dentist- just do the clove oil and wait for the tooth to die, if you are determined to. Just so you know- if it’s an upper tooth, the infection can go into your head and cause meningitis. And whatever infection you get down the road will be a whopper, it’s impossible to get a patient numb when they have an active infection- on and on. You will save yourself alot of pain and expense if you go soon and just deal with it, it will crumble more over time and then have to be surgically removed. Just sayin. Good luck to you and your mouth

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@snowberry i think going to a dental school scares me more. i feel like there will be a bigger chance of an “oops” happening there.

@mangeons im scared :**(

@trailsillustrated no its the bottom left molar. does it ALWAYS result in HAVING to be removed? i had the same exact thing happen to my upper right molar, about 5 months ago the last of the tooth broke off (the nerves since been long dead). i still have the roots in there but dont have any issue with it at all. is that going to have to end up being removed too?

Oh and i have been to a dentist since that frightful time. it was to attempt to remove the molar on my upper right side. it didnt work out. the dentist said that because my anxiety was so high and i was in such a state of panic that none of the meds were going to take effect. i would need to be put under to have it removed. and if you gather how i am while im awake im sure you all can see how me being at the hands of one unconscious is just not going to happen.

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I don’t know why you had the experience you had. I am saying that it is not good to leave root tips in your mouth. The reasons are multitudinous. I have mentioned the biggest above. You need to have these these teeth removed as soon as possible. If you are that freaked out, ask for a .5 valuim or ativan one hour before treatment, it is common practise to prescribe these to a chemist where the patient picks it up before the appointment.Go to an office that gives nitrous. You sound like a young woman, and the description you gave of your mouth frankly sounds hideous. Please research all dental offices and clinics in your area. It will stand you in good stead to get these problems treated. Dental problems are a huge reason for other health problems, and the sooner you get it in hand, the better.

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ps. and as a young woman, let me tell you that one of the most ageing things is untreated dental problems. I have seen it time and again. Get over it and get it pulled. again, just sayin

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