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People who hate to shop, don't they do so because they don't have shopping money?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) September 12th, 2010

I must have heard dozens upon dozens of excuses of why people hate to shop, it is too crowded, they have to walk too much, parking is a bear, clerks are rude, clerks tail me when I shop, etc. Now, some of those things might be legit but isn’t the real reason people who hate to shop do so is because they can’t afford to shop like they want? If you have money, real money you can shop at exclusive places that you have to have a reservation to shop at, then there is no crowds and the clerks won’t tail you also not be rude. If you have hardly no money you have to pack into big box department stores and be part of the big crowd. Imagine starting this month you had an extra $5,600 to devote solely for shopping over and above bills and other debt services, wouldn’t you spend it? And I bet you are thinking of what you’d shop for right now.

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I know people that have plenty of money and they don’t like to shop because they don’t like spending it.

But If I got that money hell yeah I’d go shopping.

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Because everything, especially in supermarkets, is arranged in a way as to make you spend as much money as possible.
You know the basic tricks.
Arranging the store in a way that you have to navigate a long maze to get everything you want, so that on the way you buy things that you did not actually want to buy in the first place.
Putting the most expensive stuff at eye level, because people do not like to bend over to look for things and tend to take the next best thing.
Soothing music to make you slow down, so you can have a better look at the wares you did not want to buy but are now more likely to buy anyway.
Candy at checkout, so your kids can start nagging you to buy them some.
And some reasonable people reject this manipulative crap and try to avoid it whenever possible.

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I have spare money and I do not consider myself a cheap person but I still hate to shop. I only shop when I have to.

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I find shopping stressful. Maybe I don’t like making decisions. It does usually boil down to my being frugal, though, because I’m really stressed about making the right choices with my money. So maybe you are on to something.

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For me, it depends on what I’m shopping for, and whether there is some deadline involved. If I’m just ‘window shopping’, and happen to see something I like, well great! However, if it’s something I must have, and particularly if I need it by, say, Tuesday night… Ugh. Even without a deadline, I hate, hate, hate trying on clothes. So, clothes shopping is generally stressful, while browsing a flea market is not (as long as it’s not super crowded). Nothing to do with money whatsoever.

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I know people who don’t like to shop even though they have money, and i like shopping even if i don’t have money (well, the it’s usually window shopping for when i do have money again). I love shopping and buying stuff. But what i do hate is shopping on weekends. I hate the busy malls on weekends so i do all my shopping only during the week days. I usually don’t like shopping for clothes either because i hate trying so many stuff on trying to find only a few things that i like. I hate shoe shopping even more because it’s boring and i’m very fussy about the shoes that i like.
But i always love food shopping!! And shopping for things around the house. And shopping for scapbooking and crafty stuff. I never don’t like shopping really.

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I’m in the “have the money but hate to shop” group.
Here are my list or reasons:
If I buy something new I am just adding more crap to the world and my home.
I want to buy something made in America – or at least not China. It is a pain to check because the printing is intentionally so small.
If I buy something at a store that works on commission I feel the system is treating the sales staff like prostitutes.
The inequity of knowing that someone worked very hard and many hours for something I can casually purchase bothers me a bit.
I don’t like wasting time making choices for nonsense. Do I really need to look at 120 choices of breakfast cereals? Or 20 different kinds of orange juice?
I want my money to go to the producers not all the middle men.

I do like shopping at farm markets or roadside stands. One kind of locally grown tomatoes on sale today? Perfect.

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I have enough money but I hate to shop for anything except books. I’d rather spend that time doing funner stuff. Acquisition for it’s own sake has never appealed to me.

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It’s so dam time consuming. It takes me a whole afternoon. When I am done I am tired,. Wicked tired,Looking for the best bargain is mind draining. Yes, I am bargain shopper. I search for the best deal. I think I would be that way even if I had oodles of money. I just adventured into online shopping which I find better. I don’t really care for it.

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I just find the experience of looking through consumer products to be boring and a chore. My self-worth isn’t tied up in what I own, so I consider shopping merely a necessary activity, like going to the dentist. It’s something I do, but I don’t have to like it.

Spending more money for a ‘private’ shopping experience wouldn’t make it any more fun than upgrading to gold-plated dental equipment and having my teeth cleaned on a private jet.

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What about you, @Hypocrisy_Central ? I notice you often make a statement with your questions. $5,600 is an odd amount to pick. Do you wish you could shop more?

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No, I hate to shop because it makes me have more issues with my body and no amount of money would help with that.

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If I had real money to shop? Eh. I go for experiences rather than things. If I had enough money to really shop, then that means I have enough money to travel, and I’d just do lots more of that.

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I’m always in such a hurry! We live a long way from town, so when I go I have to do EVERYTHING in a day – visit my grandkids (and daughter), and go to about 5 or 6 stores to get the different things we need/want. Plus I can never find clothes I like that fit me or are comfortable. Although since I lost 30 lbs the “fit” part is much easier! If I could have a day or two to just wander through the stores and take my time, it would be a lot more enjoyable.

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@JilltheTooth Do you wish you could shop more? Of fricken course. If I had it like that where I could buy most anything an think about it as much as I would buy a Double, Double at McDonalds I would shop almost if it were a job. When I don’t have to think about what I buy or the cost or if it is a bargain as @Frenchfry alludes to, I would shop like its going to be gone in 60 seconds. I love shoe shopping for my fiancée, and clothes shopping for her. Shopping for computer parts, electronic goods, software, and tools, etc. I am in nirvana. If I had 100s of boat loads of money I would get whatever I wanted. If I found out I really did not want it or I did not need it anymore (so I thought) I would donate it, give it to someone who really needed it at the time more than I, get it all together for a yard sale, or donate it to hospice. I would not worry about if I would need it again because if I gave it away and discovered I needed it again…..MORE REASONS TO SHOP!!! Har har har

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For me, shopping for items online is one thing; going to a store or mall is another. Like some, I have the money and don’t enjoy the experience. Almost all clothes are purchased at the same boutique store chain because it is rarely crowded and they fit. I’ll go to one 2–3 times a year and stock up. They aren’t cheap, but they are good quality and last.

Going to the grocery store requires a list so I can get in and out as quickly as possible, and it is done during the week to avoid the crowds. (Also, that is usually when there are more elderly people there, and chatting with them often makes my day.)

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My partner and I both have the kind of money you’re talking about and we hate to shop. We do most of it online and shop for groceries between the lunch and dinner rushes.

We don’t like malls and where we live there’s not a fantastic selection of shops to choose from anyway. Most of our clothes, shoes and jewellery are bought online as are books, music and movies. I’ve never bought any electronics from a physical shop.

There are a lot of reasons why people wouldn’t like shopping. You’re not wrong in saying that some might dislike it because they can’t afford what they’d like to buy but you are wrong in saying that it’s the root of all reasons.

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