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Anyone know any good Vector Artists?

Asked by RAWRxRandy (620points) September 12th, 2010

I can’t get many from a Google search for some reason. But i thought i’d ask all the Artsy people here (if there are any).

Especially ones that work with tones of color, like with people’s skin. That looks really cool.

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Contact @catinthehat here on fluther.

I’ve always liked the way his blog page looks, and I’ve seen other things that I like too.

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Actually vector isn’t my specialty – but my stepson does some incredible work & his portraits (using the skin tone-type effects you mention) are incredible.

Are you looking to have a job done, or have a question or what? He does freelance art & has plenty of references, etc & I would be more than glad to hook you guys up. Let me know.

His DeviantArt page is at

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You might check an illustration site like Deviant Art or a place with stock illustrations (I like iStockPhoto) to find someone who does work in the style you’re looking for.

Usually they’ll have contact information and you can inquire about rates to commission them for your specific needs.

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