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Is it okay to take a suitcase on a camping trip?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6617points) September 12th, 2010

I am going to Sweden tomorrow and I don’t have a rucksack, so I have a middle sized suitcase, which fits in the canoe cause we are going to canoe from one place to another. my bag is more like this

it’s my first time camping so I have no clue.

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It’s going to be a pain in the ass to carry.

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It will get dirty and worn and possibly wet, and it will take up a lot of room in the canoe.

If you expect to carry it long distances, a backpack or rucksack is much, much easier.

If you don’t have to carry it much, a cheap nylon duffel bag works fine and is a lot easier to stow on a canoe.

I wish I were going camping this week. Have fun!

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I wouldn’t. If you don’t want to spend $$$ get a decent backpack then just hit the thrift shops and pick one up for a couple of bucks. Trust me, if you take that thing, it will get ruined.

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Often doing the canoeing thing for long distance—answer is no. It doesn’t fit most canoes well. I’d use a big sack that can change its shape. You don’t know how much volume/space will be available. Unless it’s 1 canoe per person.

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Something soft-sided like a duffel would be better if you don’t have a rucksack.

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@rangerr , but I only have to drag it from a train to ferry, then the car will take it and we walk, then I’ll have a backpack – school bag.
@jaytkay , I doubt it will get dirty, I can lift it.
@jerv Yeah but I have no time to buy one now since it’ evening and Sunday and everything is close,
@phoebusg , The canoe is quite big, cause 2 days ago or something we went for a canoe practice, we are 2 in one canoe it’s like this one

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You sound like you’ve made your mind up @Thesexier :-)

If it’s what you’ve got available right now, then it’s what you’ll have to take! Perhaps be prepared for it not to come back as pristine as it may currently be?... Have fun – it looks like you’re going to have a great time! We’ll miss you on here :-)

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Can you borrow one from someone else? I think the luggage will be cumbersome on the canoe.

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@harple , true, it’s what I have now so I have to take it cause I don’t have anything else…
Hope I’ll have a great time, I am scared of snakes though, the teacher says there aren’t any but I don’t believe her xD
aww I’ll miss you all on Fluther too :(

@chyna , no I can’t borrow since I am new in Denmark and I don’t know anyone.

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I think even a plastic bag or two would be better. Tie it tight with some air in there and it will float if you capsize. Whenever you are boating, assume you will capsize. You will be very happy to have a dry change of clothes if you fall in the water.

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@jaytkay , I am packing everything in plastic bags so that even when it rains my clothes aren’t going be that wet.

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just wanted to say have a great time…it sounds awesome!

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Sure you can. And you will be the only one doing so, which will make you even sexier!

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Sure .Why not… I hope you have a good time. Don’t forget to pack a roll of toilet paper . It comes in handy.

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@Frenchfry Good call on the TP!

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@Ben_Dover :D – thanks.
@Frenchfry , yeah I’ve packed that :P

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How was the canoe trip?

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It was fine, me and my friend fought, we were all wet cause it rained all days!!!
Otherwise it was fine and I didn’t need to carry by suitcase for kilometres as I heard from people so it was convienet. It also fit in the canoe so that’s a +
Thank you for asking :P

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Thats Great..

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