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What does it say about you if all your ex-partners/boyfriends are either gay or married?

Asked by nebule (16446points) September 12th, 2010

basically…just wondering…

I know it’s rather a succinct question coming from me but I don’t think it needs much explaining :-/

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That all your ex-partners are either gay or married. That’s all it says. There’s nothing more there.

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@papayalily, is right.

Most of my exes are cunning and cruel. I’m awesome. It is no reflection upon me what they were like.

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That they have either figured out what they want in life, maybe. How do you know they’re happy? I don’t think it says anything about you.

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That you have a tendency to pick out gay men (who are safe because on some level you know they are not available).

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That you’re afraid of deserving love and are deliberately choosing relationships that will lead nowhere.

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The majority of men are gay and/or married. You might be average.

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I think that’s the best answer.

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It means they weren’t the right one for you…

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What @harple said.

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aaah thanks guys…you’re lovely, lots of truth in all that you say, I love my Fluther friends! @marinelife I see your point…although they weren’t openly or even to themselves gay when I was with them…which makes me wonder if I have a seventh sense about these things!! lol… my sister often laughs about the fact that I turn men gay…charming I know! Thinking about it though…maybe I just helped to clarify and open themselves up to who they really are… maybe…:-/

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That shows you to be a wonderful person, if people who are with you open up more to their inner selves :-)

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I agree with @papayalily – it says zero about you.

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They probably all had the letter a or e in the name as well! Also I’m guessing they were all British and all lived in or around Lancashire.

The human brain likes to see patterns. It’s been trained by millions of years of evolution to see patterns. That doesn’t always mean the patterns are actually there.

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It says that you helped them find their way on life’s incredibly uncertain path. Congrats for helping a fellow human(s) get to where they’re going!

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How many are we talking about? More than 5 or 6 and I would wonder if you’re not deliberately seeking out men to which you could never become married.

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It says you wish you were married, too.

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I have a couple of thoughts on this. In my life, my break ups happened because we didn’t work as a couple. Anyone my exes date after me is merely in search of someone who they do work well with. People are so different from one another, with all sorts of varying needs, desires, hangups, sensitivities, fears, you name it. Just because your needs and your partner’s needs don’t complement perfectly doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you, it just means that you weren’t right for each other. Every relationship is an opportunity for personal growth as well as a stepping stone to finding what you need and are looking for.

Secondly, you say these guys weren’t out to themselves and not gay when you were together. So, no deceit there and that’s something to feel good about. You may just be attracted to men with more feminine traits/brains (yes, I realize not all gay guys are feminine), something which I can totally dig and which is not a bad thing at all. If it’s true and you’re aware of it, it can help you find what you’re looking for.

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It’s says the two of you weren’t the right combo, you still want to be married someday to someone who truly is right for you and now you are feeling inpatience as to why it hasn’t happened yet because you see them settled.

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It means they found someone they want to be with and you haven’t. Don’t give up. There is someone for everybody.

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Well if the other half were married while being with you, it might mean you unconciously fear a meaningful relatioship. Do you think that could be true?

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they weren’t married while they were with me… they got married afterwards to different women…I can see how that might have been confusing… they were not married when I was going out with them!

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Well, then, what do you think it means?

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I’d say it’s their loss. They passed up gold.
Men are Idiots.

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Thank you @worriedguy you really are an angel x

@Marva I think it means people move on and grow and some get there faster than others.

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Well then, there you go… :)

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