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Can anyone assist with my personal osmosis based armageddon?

Asked by veileddarkness (96points) September 12th, 2010

I am suffering incompetence in the realms of knowing:
a) Whether [in hideous diagrams] water molecules will be evenly spread after osmosis, or will they be biased towards the inside of the cells. (In order to have reached their full capacity.)
b) When (in the charming pictures with all the circles again) all molecules appear evenly spread, would the water go towards the high concentration of sugar molecules, or something else?

I am rather inept for this subject, but they wouldn’t let me get away with doing just Art…
Sorry for the inconvenience. :)

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Wow. Impressively worded homework question. Might I suggest that the knowinness which you seek probably lies somewhere within the assigned reading. If you avail yourself of the offered material that has been selected for your edification, you may thus avert the impending armageddon and cause a veritable paradise to come about in the realms of your personal academia.

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@Trillian your tough! It’s good advice though.

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Bonus points to the OP for the most enticingly and entertainingly worded homework question I have seen around here (and GA to Trillian for a commensurate response). But a homework question is still a homework question, and we do believe that people must improve their own minds through their own efforts.

@veileddarkness, in my estimation the cleverness with which you posed the question shows that you do have the necessary capacity for understanding. Now you just need a little concerted application of the same quality of attention.

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@Trillian Very cool answer.

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Good night Flutherland.Thank YOUUUUUU!!!!!!
(Crowd goes wild;Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!)

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