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How many Pearl Jam fans are here?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) March 27th, 2008

…and, how many are going to see them live in June?

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I haven’t loved their more recent stuff, but when they first made it big, Eddie Vedder was the first person I would’ve been a groupie for.

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Many people loved them for their first record (Ten), but in my opinion, they’ve been an incredibly diverse band, and I love 95% of their work. I’m excited about the new tour.

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No way.

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There are twenty-eight Pearl Jam fans on fluther, and only two of them are going to see them live, in June!

I am not one of the twenty-eight!

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No one here!!!

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@bulbatron9, your loss….wallow in it :)

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I’ll be fine! I have Alkaline Trio to help me!

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Yes I like the older stuff. No I will not be making the concert

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Pearl Jam hat seit ihrer ersten gelutscht verdammt Album! Hören Sie sich echte Musik. Alkaline Trio, jetzt gibt es eine echte Band mit echter Musik!

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my fiance is a huge fan. we are thinking about making it to a show, just not sure which one. i’d like to do bonnaroo, but it is definitely out of our price range : (

personally, i think they’re all right. i did like the into the wild soundtrack.

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