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What could a durable(lasting) notebook be made of?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) September 12th, 2010

Just a simple little question that relates to students who should have durable;firm;permaent notebooks that will last for the entire semester.

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Anything by 5 Star/Mead is good.

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Any cheapo notebook will last one semester.

Moleskine will last 20 years or more.

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Do you mean a notebook as in group of paper bound together, or a three-ring binder? I always get confused because most people I know use them interchangeably.

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@muppetish I just mean a notebook as in group of paper bound together.

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as a side note I saw a TV advert for school notebooks that mentioned one of their advantages as “being able to write on both sides of the paper”!!! What has the world come to when “being able to write on both sides of the paper” in a notebook deserves an entrie 20 second TV comercial.

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I use both Moleskine and Exocompta notebooks to take notes, as a personal journal, and to story board projects. They are durable and come in a variety of styles. I also keep recycled notebook paper, but only if they are darker in tone and thick so the ink from my pens don’t bleed. I’ve also been meaning to try Elephant journals because I think the idea is neat.

Personally, I dislike spiral bound notebooks unless they are ledger-style and flip up instead of to the side. And I prefer graph paper over lined / unlined for classroom notes.

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I have some Five Star notebooks that are older than many high school students, so I think it’s safe to say that they are pretty rugged.

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Five Star notebooks always seem to have one cover made of tough plastic, and the other made of normal cardboard. For me, the cardboard cover starts to rip on the metal spirals fairly quickly.

These days, I bind my own notebooks so they’re durable as hell, or I use the standard marble composition books. I have a comp book that’s lasted me since 2006 for various scraps of writing, and a few even older than that.

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Cover your binder or notebook in duct tape. Waterproof and durable, and you can still decorate it with Sharpies.

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@hobbitsubculture I’ve yet to have that problem, even with those I’ve had since 1998. Some of those from 1988 are a little ragged, but still have both covers. I am the type of guy who just shoves notebooks in my backpack or frisbee-toss them into the back seat of my car. Maybe I’m just lucky?

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@jerv I have a stack of Five Stars from 1997–98, and I think only one has a cover. So maybe you are lucky.

I’m exceptionally rough on notebooks.

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