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I have brown colour sofa wanted to know which colour cushions will really go well?

Asked by divya20 (19points) September 13th, 2010

I have brown colour sofa wanted to know which colour cushions will really go well??

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Depends on the rest of the room, your curtains, and exactly what shade of brown your sofa is. Also, is your sofa solid brown or does it have other colors as well?

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There are many options. What colour are the walls in your room? What other colors do you have in the room?

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I have a dark brown leather sofa, i have pale walls and brown curtains, i mixed up the colours of accessories in the room, cushions, i have several which are multi coloured, earth tones… reds, oranges, beige, mustard and olives, some different sizes of cushions as well as different textures to break up the plainness of the brown.

As others have said it really depends on the colour scheme of the whole room.

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I think red would look best. As soon as I heard ‘brown’ I instantly thought red! But a lot of the colors you named sounded nice as well (:
I am sure it all depends

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Yea, red does sound good…Or even to mix things up blue and white could be really good…you could even give the whole room a beachy feel..

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I like the beach idea- that sounds fun! Given the surroundings, of course.

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Blue looks really good with brown if you pick it up elsewhere in the room as well.

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yea…you could get a blue vase and fill it with sand and shells….even curtans with a beachy feel and a floor mat or something..i can see it in my head!!!

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Royal blue, light tan, black. It depends on what colors you have elsewhere. Orange if you want to look fallish.

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I’m also going to go with reds/maroons, or maybe cream/beige. Even yellow with reds will go (but not a very bright yellow i’d say). Dark green would also look nice.

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Since you opted for a brown-colored sofa, I will assume that it’s already color-coordinated with everything else in the room. Thus, you will need to offset the ‘dark’ colors with a color that’s at the other end of the scale. I’m going with light colors, not necessarily white, but lighter shades of color, even beige.

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Anytime I’m dealing with Brown I like to go with Earth Colors. I do find that a nice Teal color ( blue green) goes really well with darker brown as well. Great way to tie that together is to mix a nice earthy and aquatic feel to the whole room ( plants, aqauriums, maybe lilies in a glass vase with teal colored rocks…) , as has been mentioned you want to take into consideration the rest of your decor in that room to help you decide, but if the sofa is the main attraction at this point than you can slowly build the room around it and the cushions you choose.

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You didn’t say if your sofa was a ‘warm’ brown or a very ‘dark, hard’ brown color. You didn’t say if you wanted contrast or wanted the cushions/pillows to coordinate with your sofa.
Lets assume that it is a warm brown, and you want pillows/cushions to coordinate. Choose cushions/pillows in colors that are warm, autumn Earth tones. Shades of brown, red, green even blue that has either ‘yellow’ or ‘brown’ mixed into the color are all good choices. Consider ‘print’ cushions/pillows mixed with solid cushions/pillows. Turquoise can be an excellent color for cushions/pillows on a brown sofa because turquoise is a ‘cool’ blue that has ‘warm’ yellow mixed into the color. Red-Brown is also excellent because there is brown mixed into the red color. Any color with brown mixed into it is a good color to coordinate with a brown sofa.

If you want cushions/pillows to ‘contrast’ with your sofa then choose colors from the same pallet but choose ‘lighter contrasting shades’ like beige or orange/red, OR lime green. Both orange/red and lime green are colors that have yellow mixed in, and can be contrasting depending on the ‘value’ of the colors. ‘Value’ refers to how light or how dark a color is to the eye.. Now you know the formula, so go ahead, and put together a color scheme that pleases your eye!

Consider either a metal sculpture for the wall in back of or near your sofa or choose an oil/acrylic painting with colors to coordinate with your sofa/cushions/pillows.

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Light blues, as stated, I love. If it’s a deep, rich brown, and the set up is pretty modern – I think hot pink is totally fun. (Since it’s just throw pillows, you needn’t worry about it getting “dated”).

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Light green and beige, ideally in a print.

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i have alight brown colour sofa which colour of cushions can match with it ,contrast colour and which colour shall i paint my wall ta match

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