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What is your preferred bathing suit and how do you pick it out?

Asked by sleepdoc (4695points) September 13th, 2010

I was wondering what type of bathing suit you pick out for yourself to wear and how you go about selecting it? Are there certain things you absolutely have to have when you pick one? What factors climb to the top of the list for you?

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I like one pieces with a plunging back and front and they have to have straps to support my breasts.

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A stikini, mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaha! (joking!)

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Two half’s of coconut & sturdy pair of khaki hiking shorts.

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Brazillian cut bikinis.

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What ever @lucillelucillelucille likes, I like. ;-)

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@ChazMaz -You’d look great in one! :)

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Do ya think?!

I think my package would be TMI.

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I don’t care about the rest of it, as long as it has a halter top. That seems to be the only functional bathing suit style for women with big breasts.

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@ChazMaz -Make a new avatar! XD

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Anything increasing butt sexiness and decreasing muffin toppiness.

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My ‘preferred’ suit would be a string bikini. But since that ship has sailed, anything that shows the parts I like and hides the parts I don’t. And is sexy. And comfy. And attractive… and not sheer. Def not sheer.

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A bikini. Underwired and lined (not padded) top with a minimal bottom short of being a thong.

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Bikini for me, not thong bottoms but small. I have a small frame but was near the front of the queue when massive tits were being handed out, so i need a wired top to keep the girls under control.

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I’m agree with @iammia .
I am mostly concerned about keeping the girls in, but I also want something that won’t ride up or slip off while I swim. I love to swim so a good fitting bathing suit is my biggest concern. Also I don’t want anything that will leave too many tan lines in the front for when I wear v neck blouses or tank tops.

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My favorites have included a couple of vintage ones, where the stitching and use of fabric was quite beautiful. I’ve also put high legged bottoms with tank tops (built-in soft bra) and a few one-piecers, basic with high legs, clean cut.


Black or navy Speedos.

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I, for some reason, can’t stand bikinis, always wear a one piece

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