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How Should I Attempt A Gluten-Free Diet?

Asked by Serevaetse (766points) September 13th, 2010

I have been informed that I might be allergic to wheat products and/or gluten intolerant. I’ve been advised to try and cut those products out of my diet.

I have had frequent stomach aches all my life and would like to try my best and see if this helps. I’ve never attempted a gluten-free diet, so if any of you have, please let me know what you did; such as preparing meals, and eating snacks, etc.

Thank you (:

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There are ways – gluten free products are available in certain places and online. My friend Laura eats gluten-free – her “blog”: is here.

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Here is your new best friend.

Many retail groceries and health food stores have gluten-free products now as well.

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Thank you, guys! So much (: Awesome!!

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I’d ask the doctor if he could give you a list of what to look for on ingredients lists. Sometimes ingredients can be disguised or called other things, and you might think a food doesn’t contain a certain thing when it does. I used to take care of a little boy who was allergic to eggs and soy, and his mom gave me a printout from their doctor that listed all the things that meant a product had those ingredients. You could probably also find such a list online.

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It is very difficult to find gluten free stuff on a long term basis, unless you want to eat the same thing over and over.

I’d say make sure that’s the cause before you decide to choose this path. It doesn’t sound to me like a doctor gave you an actual diagnosis. And it would be a shame to spend your life eating gluten-free (just for the hassle at the least) if it weren’t actually the cause.

Also, it doesn’t taste the same. . .

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Well, I am doing it mainly as a ‘test’. I want to try it out for a month or so and see if it makes me feel better. Whether or not it makes me feel better, I can at least go to the doctor and let him know what happened, and then get a more proper diagnoses. But thank you, I am sure it will taste quite different and be a dramatic change, but if it makes me feel better it’ll be worth it.
Thank you so much, I will have to ask my doctor for a list, as well as look online. I was thinking of doing both! (:

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Another option – one that worked better for me than the standard gluten-free diet – is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, found here. When I tried the usual gluten-free diet I had terrible gas and cramps. If you run into that, try the SCD. I stayed on it for about 7 months, and am eating “normally” now without a problem. If you can, get hold of the book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall.

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@llewis (: Thank you a ton. I will definitely try that!

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Try one loaf of Gluten free bread and notice the difference in your bodys reaction.
If you have no bloating whereas you had it before..then you need gluten free products.

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