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In the game of Scrabble, is it considered bad luck if you place letter tiles on your rack upside down?

Asked by Arthur_Death (22points) September 13th, 2010

Just wondering.

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I’ve never heard of that being bad luck.

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Man, I would not even talk about it. my friend once did that and she totally forgot how to spell her name the next day, it went on for weeks…her just forgetting little words here and there and now she is in a hospital and can only communicate by playing PICTIONARY. It’s prety fucking tragic.

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I never heard of that. I have done it before I noticed and turned them right side up.

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It’s pieces of wood…....if you chopped down a tree, made scrabble letters out of them and and placed them upside down, would your life really be affected by it if there were no legal consequences? Superstitions are not real.

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A lot of things that are “considered” this or that are just nonsense. This is one of them.

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It is bad though if you place the tiles flat on the table so everyone can see them. ;)

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I’ve played it since I was 10 years old and never heard of that—and wouldn’t believe it I had.

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You can do whatever you want with the tiles, but never, ever put the board upside down.

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I’ve never heard that superstition before. I guess it’s not so good if you leave them like that because it would be harder for you to read the letters and make words.

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