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Have you been out on a night of heavy drinking?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) September 13th, 2010

And woken up the next day to find out that you have enlisted in the army

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I drink every night, but that hasn’t happened. Not yet anyways…not that they’d take you if you showed up there all fucked outta your face though.

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Nope can’t say I’ve ever done that.

I have been out on a night of heavy drinking and woke up wondering how I got home. I haven’t had a night of heavy drinking in a long time.

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Yeah, that would never happen.

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No. I have “awoken” to find myself arguing with the police and a cab driver, trying to convince them that it was okay to sleep in the cab even though I was right outside my apartment.

That’s another story though…

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Drinking, yes. Army? Negative.

Did wake up with $300.00 in my pocket once after going to the casino. Man, that was awesome.

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Years ago (in my 20’s) I might have pulled something like that (heavy enlisting). Now I’m happy to know my limit and I must admit I stay well under it. Yep, 1 or 2 glasses of wine is fine.

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Nope, would never do anything that stupid.

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Well, in order to sign a contract, you must be of sound mind, otherwise there isn’t a meeting of the minds, so even if you signed an Army contract while drunk, you could get out of it.

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regardless of weather this happened or not you have to sign two contracts and go through a series of physicals before you actually are “in” the Army. I could see some desperate recruiters try this, they are pure crap spawn of the military, worse then jag officers.

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Haha, I haven’t done that but I have woken up to learn that I did some pretty wild things.

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I don’t drink that much. I like to remember what I did and who I did it with.

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Don’t you have to be of sound mind and body to enlist? I went drinking last Tuesday, and song a few karaoke songs. That’s as stupid as I get nowdays.

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I did wake up practically face first in the dirt of a flower bed once, though. Lesson? Don’t drink 3 pints of lager, 5 shots of tequila and 2 orange and vodkas (heavy on the vodka) within 4 hours.

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Nope. Most of my heavy drinking was after enlisting in the Navy :P

However, I did wake up one time many miles from where I passed out, lying on a couch, and wondering, “Where the fuck are my pants?”.

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Tonight was a drawn and quarted night…booze would not begin to suffice….water with twist of lime please!

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No. Not that kind of heavy drinking. No tattoos, either.

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I’m serious drinking right now…let’s see if I join the army tonight :p

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I’ve never been that drunk!

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No, i don’t drink like that.

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I have never done that but woken up wondered where were my pants. LOL @jerv

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No, but I did once wake up in a town 8 hours from where I live with no recollection of how I got there. The drive back (I wasn’t driving) was not fun with all of us nursing hangovers and no way to buy any booze because it was Sunday.

I don’t do stuff like that any more because I’m not stupid.

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I use to go out drinking and I’d get so wasted it wasn’t even funny. God knows what I did, some things are probably best not known. I never enlisted, but while drunk I did get married. I never did find out if that was even legal. I got into a fight, ad I found out later that I had bit the guy’s ear off. Those around told me I had reset my own broken nose. Many years later a doctor pretty much confirmed that. He said it wasn’t properly reset. Another time I woke up in my apartment, and I went to get up and I saw the garments on the floor. Very nice and sexy female garments. Expensive female garments. The voice that called out to me was slightly muffled by the shower. The voice sounded familiar. She called me by the name only those close to me called me. My first thought was: “OMG! What did I do last night?” I went to the bathroom and went in. hey, I figured I had already seen all she had to be seen no matter who she was.. I’d already sinned a sin so…I got in with her. Thank God, it wasn’t who I thought she was. You are all probably wondering who would make me so worried to be there. I was scared to death that I had slept with my sister-in-law… There were only two similarities between them. Both are Spanish and the way they said my name sounded the same. They looked nothing alike. Hey, I was still about halfass drunk. It was the voice saying the name that had me worried.

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