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Do you have experience with remote healing?

Asked by MissA (7391points) September 14th, 2010

Perhaps your own experience…perhaps that of a friend. I’m searching for those who have witnessed such a healing. There’s no point in me explaining further…you’ll know if you have.

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Are you referring to distance healing?
My mum does this. A friend in another country tried to do it on me a while back, but said my energies are like whirlwinds around me or something, making it difficult for them to get through. My mum said the same thing, although she wasn’t doing distance healing. I have witnessed more reiki healing results that were not through distance healing though.

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Let me be the first to suggest that this is a lot of woo-woo nonsense; that there is no evidence for such a phenomenon; and that anyone who claims they can reliably produce results should apply immediately for the JRF $1M prize.

In the tradition of critical thinking, you must weigh what you believe to be evidence against one’s capacity for self-delusion; and the tendency to regard coincidence as causally related events.

The very use of the word “healing” takes you deep into the realm of magical folk legends and farther from evidence-based medical treatment.

In any case, good luck with what ails you.

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I have. Many times. I have a healer I go to and sometimes when I cannot go, he treats me from distance. It works wonderfully. I also know many others who undergo or perform such sessions.

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It is possible to heal over a distance. However it does not rely on a magic formula or wand waving as gasman seems to suggest. I recommend the book Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy if you are interested in the topic.

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Yes…that’s a good one as are several others. Thank you,

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Our government as well as others, have done extensive experiments, training and so forth of this very thing. Some would like us to think that it has been abandoned…but, there is much evidence to the contrary. Thanks.

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@Skynet Is that the Mary Baker Eddy who founded Christian Science? Much has been written about it and her—mostly debunking. “In Christian Science, sickness is a manifestation of incorrect belief by mortal mind. Once a sick person understands that fact, he or she will be healed. In particular, then, Christian Scientists reject the germ theory of disease…” source. Here’s another scathing review of Eddy’s bizarre beliefs. In addition, the late renowned skeptic and critic Martin Gardner wrote scholarly reviews discrediting both Eddy’s personal integrity as well as her published ideas.

@MissA I’m not sure which experiments by “our government” you mean, but I know that recent scientific tests of so-called intercessory prayer have yielded negative results. Would a rational person expect differently?

Unfortunately for humanity, wishing doesn’t make it so.

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Remote healing is not intercessory prayer. Where did you get that?

Just because a skeptic says something, it doesn’t denounce what they are skeptical about. I am not endorsing Christian Science…but, there are some kernels of thought for further debate.

Fortunately for humanity, discrediting energy work by mere naysayers, does not negate that energy.

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Actually most of what is written about her is not debunking. Countless people have been healed including me and many people I know. There are a number of periodicals devoted to healings using this method. Here are two of them:

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@MissA “Remote healing is not intercessory prayer. Where did you get that?” Let’s see: Groups of people thinking good thoughts about you, remotely, with the intention of healing via supernatural means. Not a big stretch to intercessory prayer, is it?—maybe a little less overtly religious.

Look, I have no illusions about changing your level of (a) gullibility for magical claims, or (b) your distrust of mainstream, science-based allopathic medicine (you know, promulgated by arrogant, elitist, know-it-all intellectuals such as doctors and nurses).

You’re most likely to get helpful results with illnesses where there is psychological overlay, such as depression or chronic pain or conditions that are inherently relapsing-remitting and hence will improve whether treatment works or not.

If you have cancer, heart disease or other immediate need for medical treatment, don’t waste your time & energy on phony-baloney magic and superstition. I care for the welfare of all Flutherites—even you. I’ll think good thoughts, and who’s to say it didn’t help? But the chances of remote healing actually improving your health in a clearly causal fashion are —um—remote.

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I appreciate your input…taking the time to explain your thoughts.

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