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What about these new badges?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) September 14th, 2010

Seeing Fluther is a lot about all the larvae or badges what would you think of a few new badges:

John Gotti badge; for those who were axed from the most Fluthers.

Rip Van Winkle badge; for those who spent X amount of months dormant with no activity to start being active again.

Roadrunner badge; for those who answered X amount of question with answers at least 300 words long in 10 minutes, etc.

Phoenix badge; for those who resurrected themselves under a different moniker.

The Marathon badge; for those who answered X number of times under a single thread.

Wouldn’t those be some cool badges to collect? Bet you even thought of some yourself?

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Badger badge…for those who won’t let a thread die a natural death.

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Yes they would…:)

The Boomerang; for those who delete their accounts in haste then come back again.


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We don’t need no steenkin badges!! :¬)

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Bounced Badge For those who get banned,

Whisper Sweet Nothings Badge For those who send above a reasonable amount of PMs.

Crusty Curmudgeon Badge For those who squash other like a bug in a thread.

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@marinelife ; Shouldn’t there be 2 bug-crushing badges? One for deservedly crushing a scum-bug, and another for being an a**hole who simply crushes for the meanness of it. (I’ll let you think up appropriate names…)

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I like them! I’ll wear my Phoenix Badge proudly on my Fluther Scouts sash.

I also think we should have superlatives every year, like in a yearbook. Class Clown, Best Lookin’, Most Likely to Make a Jelly Cry….voting would be easy!!!!

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I think you should have a badge taken away, every time someone suggest a new badge.

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I hate to be the resident douchebag, but not of these fit in with the nautical theme of Fluther.

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true dog

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The Resident Douchebag badge for those throwing cold water on hypothetical hi jinks.

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The Davy Jones Locker badge, for those MIA.

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Ooh, burn.

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For MIA folk, how about the Gilligan’s Island badge? Lost on a desert isle somewhere…

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@Dr_Dredd That’s a good one.

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@ChazMaz; no fair posting pics of my “morning face”!!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Ahem, Neither is Rembrandt, PB & Jelly (a sandwhich), Daubloon (just money), Robot Crush, Pilgrim, Cake in the frizzer, and Autobiographer. (wink wink)

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The Sgt. Hartman Badge; for those who have way too many recorded swear words in their posts.

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Symbeline What are you $%&!<strong>” talking about? We don’t $_+~!# cuss here in Fluther, we all watch our $#^!~” language. We might as well be mother #^% priest. You think we cuss…....%$&*@! and the horse you rode in on. LMAO LMAO All in fun, I know what you mean :-)

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You’d do well to fucking recognize bitch, cuz after you fuck my sister I’ll rip your goddamn head off and shit down your fucking neck! :D

All in fun here too. :) I dun even have a sister anyway. XD

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@Symbeline And if you did I would not touch her or my fiancee will feed me my own nuts. LOL LOL

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