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Why isnt my copy of Halo Reach working? please help?

Asked by That0neguy01 (209points) September 14th, 2010

I waited till midnight to buy it, drove 40 mph past the speed limit to get home, and popped the game in to play. As soon as i clicked “Play Mission” it said “Game failed to start for an unknown reason” and “Player failed to load content”. Am i supposed to download an update or something? What could possibly be wrong??

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Still got the receipt? Take it back!

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First things first, calm down.~

Second, I presume this game just came out. If it did, there probably isn’t any support online. I wasn’t able to find any, but I’m not that good at searches. Best idea right now is probably what @stratman37 said.

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Oh man I just stopped playing. It’s SOOOO awesome. But not awesome if you are dead. Do the speed limit next time to make sure you get to enjoy the game! And so you don’t kill someone else who probably doesn’t give a crap about Halo.

But seriously. It’s AWESOME.

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Lol thanks. after a long day of tech support it turned out my hard drive was outta wack. gotta buy a new one. gotta flash drive to use temporary, so im enjoying my game as we speak :) its all good

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cuz xbox is weak…

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