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How hard would be it be for someone to make this iPhone app?

Asked by Spargett (5395points) March 27th, 2008

I’ve ALWAYS wondered why Apple never included an customizable EQ with it’s portable music players. Ranging from the iPod to the iPhone. It seems so simple to me.

Now the iPhone and the SDK are available, this seems possible. Now, I am only a designer, not a programmer so I don’t know exactly. But I’m certainly intrigued by the plausibility of it.

The main reason I’m asking is that I have a great pair of headphones (V-Moda Vibe Duo), which could sound so great if I had more control over the equalization.

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From what I’ve read from the developer mailing lists I am a part of, the iTunes related functions of the iPhone are off-limits. But I am definitely not confident in this – it’s hearsay.

You’re right, it would be nice.

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I know of a third party eq software for iTunes, but it is limited to your home mac, but you would have to assume they can tweak it for portables. The name escapes me now, but I do recall it was about 20 bucks. The demo worked well. If I can recall, I will post.

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Adding custom EQ to the iPhone is possible but it’s not easy. CoreAudio is not a very easy interface to program to.

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Are you referring to SRS Lab’s iWow?

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yeah, that’s the one.

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