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You're about to board a space station, you turn & look down at the Earth, a perfect sphere floating majestically in the vastness of the universe, what is the first thought that comes into your mind?

Asked by ucme (46707points) September 14th, 2010

Just surmisng for a moment that you’re made of the “right stuff.” You pass all the procedures & you find yourself hurtling out of our atmosphere at a frightening rate of knots. You’re an astronaut god damn it!! Setting all this excitement to one side for a brief spell. What do you imagine your reaction would be when you gazed upon Mother Earth from such a privileged position? Open to interpretation so you may answer any way you wish.

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Oh, jeez, I hope I don’t die. (I usually have this thought before any risky behavior, and then I proceed.)

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Holy shit we are tiny in this vast universe!

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I hope they have barbecue chicken pizza where I am headed.

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I wonder if I left the oven on?

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And they laughed at me in Fifth Grade…for wanting to be an astronaut. :)

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Great! Nobody down there can see me jerking off.

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Hope I remembered to pack a change of undies.

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Dam. Looks like a blue Marble.

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Holy shit. What am I doing up here?

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This is so totally incredibly fucking awesome that I’m going to stop all the words and just take it in (read awe-struck).

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Where are my car keys?

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How did they fuck it up so badly?

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Long way down…

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::blink:: Woooooow.

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“If I pee out the window, how long will it take to hit Washington D.C.?”

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I wonder if I can see my house from here

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Oh shit! I forgot the keys to the station !!!

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“I wish we would develop warp drive already so we can start exploring the universe more thoroughly.”

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Sayonara Suckers!

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How cool is it that some of the critters who live there built this station.

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Damn William Shatner and his stupid TV commercials. This is the last time I’ll book a vacation on Priceline.

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Planet earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do.

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definitely I’m not looking at the same Earth Neil Armstrong did in 1969.Wonder how long will it take for the planet to turn grey?

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Shit i think i left my straighteners on…..:P

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@hawaii_jake – Are you a squirrel?

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what would happen if we bumped into one of those pee clouds floating in space…and what if I jumped towards the planet…also could a bag of sand make really cool meteor showers

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This makes my knees weak, and I have to pee

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