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Men: does a bald kitty really make a difference?

Asked by nocountry2 (3689points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I always hear “it doesn’t matter either way” from partners, but come on…. Is it better? I know for me it feels better, ie more/enhanched enjoyment, but it sure is a lot of work. I’m just wondering if it’s becoming the normal expectation.

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Women might prefer their female partners to be bald as well.

Some men prefer their men to be bald. I do.

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Either way, it doesn’t matter to me. Both are fun to pet!!!

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K…bald like a prepubescent child? That is creepy. How about just clean and not all scraggly? And yes, women like their men to be cleaned up. It’s just….necessary. Leaving it at that; ;-P

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I like to floss in the morning, not at night!

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if you have ever been with a girl with bush, you wouldn’t be asking this question…

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Ich bevorzuge eine Glatze kitty. Wer will, Haar-Kuchen zu essen?

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I’ve never been with a girl that had more than stubble, but i don’t think i’d like a lot of pubic hair =/

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I like my woman with little to no hair downstairs. I just find pubic hair to be VERY unattractive and unneeded.

I have never dated of been with a woman who has had more than just a few days stubble. Not by my command just their preference.

I hold myself to the same standard.

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Valhalla, I agree, naked clams belong on children. I think that well trimmed and shaven around the undies line is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be chewbakka or nothing.

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At first I thought you were talking about an actual cat…and yes it matters, well at least to me it does.

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From what I understand, this “Sphinx” breed came from Canada in the 60’s (although there is some documentation of hairless cats born in Mexico in the 1800’s) Some feel that these breeds are more hypo-allergenic, but science tends to show that..
/excuse me, what?
Oh. Ooooohhhh.

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It does matter now. I hate when a pubic hair left @ the end of my tounge. Its very hard to spit it out

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keep it neat and trimmed. Doesn’t have to be bald. Especially important when you want visitors down there

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Bald is always nice but I personally like a landing strip or a small design of some sort. And I don’t feel like a dick for saying it, cause I know you girls like us shaven as well

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I like them bald or with a little bit of hair at the top.

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anyone have good info (statistics, perhaps?) or many people (male and female) are shaving (or otherwise getting rid of) pubic hair these days?

as implied in the original question, i’m very intrigued if this is becoming the norm (if so, where? what group of people?), the timing of this trend, etc.

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I have been shaving (waxing) since there was something to shave (wax)

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it just seems like in media its always portrayed as the norm, and so I wonder if standards are lining up accordingly. I also wonder about the double standard (even though I fully believe the men who have said they return the favor).

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as long as everything is well maintained your in the clear. you just dont want a guy have to go down on you and the guy feel like her has just been flossing his teeth on the pubes….

yea. awkward. pause to pull hairs out of his mouth…

then the sex resumes.

just keep it clean.

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i love it when a chick looks like she has don king in a leglock.

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Is anyone aware that people of all ages use this site?

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@youknowconnor One of the guidelines on fluther is you must be at least thirteen years of age. Since most thirteen year olds have pubic hair, I don’t think this thread is a problem, and apparently the fluther moderators don’t either. No one has used profanities or vulgarities, in my book. However, some of us, including myself, have made jokes to express our opinions. Chill out, it’s just hair!

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Read through every comment on this question bulbaton9. Imagine that you’re someone who still doesn’t know anything and shouldn’t yet about this subject. You’re between 13 and 14 or one of the people who lied about their age to get on. Then see if it’s just fine for them to be reading. I have a 13 year old girl cousin who uses fluther and I know she doesn’t know about any of this and shouldn’t for at least a couple years. And you’re right most do have hair down low by 13 but the question isn’t: What is pubic hair?

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Calm down and stop acting all high and mighty.

This is clearly a sight for the adult minded.

It must be quite a view from atop that soap box.

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High and mighty? I’m a 15 year old highschool student with failing grades. How’s that for high and mighty? I don’t need to pretend I’m a genius because it wouldn’t take one to say what I said. By the way, how is it “clearly a site for the adult minded”?

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i think my point is proven

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Yeah up on my 9th grade soap box right.

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No wonder you’re failing, you stay up all night on the Internet, which has a lot of worse things on it, besides a question about hair. Since the content on fluther is too mature for you, maybe the mods will ask you to come back when you’re ready for questions of an adult nature. Also, if it upsets you so much, then tell your parents you need to be monitored, while on the web. Your parents should also limit your usage, because you’re not ready for mature content, unlike most ninth graders.

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Ok i’ll start doing all those things you said in about a week. Now that we have that clear there’s still the whole reason I even pointed anything out. The kids in grades 6–8 and maybe even younger grades that are on this. You could solve that your way though and just tell every single one of them to get off because they’re not mature enough to use fluther. We wouldn’t wanna make you have to stop talking about “flossing”. And hey maybe you’re right and people like my cousin should learn about these all these things at 13. Why not corrupt their minds early if we have the chance….... Your response will be: than it’s the parent’s responsibility to monitor there children. How can you monitor a kid that well 24/7 without locking the kid in a cage. And if you have more than one child? And with computers and internet access pretty much everywhere now days?

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@youknowconnor: Is your frustration in the fact that the moderators allow thirteen year olds to join despite the content? If that’s the case speak to Andrew, Ben or Erik about your issues and they will be happy to discuss it with you.

What is deemed “acceptable” material by one family dynamic will not be accepted in others. It is impossible to create a universally acceptable “moral” code.

If you object the material you read, then please, as a Fluther member, “flag” the questions/answeres that offend you. The moderators do not manually check every question unless they see flags.

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@Connor – I think its erfectly fine for you to express your concerns – fluther is, after all, designed to encourage discussion. As it is a broad forum some of the topics are going to be of adult content and whether you approve or disapprove is up to you to exress. I find this site quite harmless and refreshingly honest. The nature of the Internet these days is such that pretty much anyone of any age can find or be exposed to topics that are vulgar to some -it’s really up to the individual to determine what they are mature enough to handle.

My question was posed put of pure curiosity. Being a girl, and noticing how the waxed female nether area has become the “norm” portrayed in media, I am curious to know if other’s standards and expectations are changing accordingly. It can put a lot of pressure, especially on younger girls, to keep up with these increasing standards of desirability, perceived or actual.

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…go ahead connor…continue to hijack this thread

(I bet $2,000,000 he’s the next comment)

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@Spendywatson: It’s no contest when you’re provoking it. ;)

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O-natural for me…smooth it out with some brill cream

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I bet 100 fluther points he is after me!

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Full grown Chia Pet

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chia pets are hot yo

peedub's avatar

Seriously…my roommate told me the seeds are real healthy, some sort of super food- but that’s a whole nuther story

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Riser and no country: Thank you VERY much for the respectable response you gave. Unlike some people you gave a well-thought out, and mature response. Because of the points you made I have had some doubts about my theories. I still feel as though I am right, but I can at least see a respectable “other side” to this argument. Also as for the advice, it is very good and I will take it.

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@bulbatron9 that was efn hilarious. As for the question at hand I like my girl to be bald. Not only is it sexy, but it’s more pleasing to the eye. And my g/f likes it as well when I go bald…HEHE..PS….I hate it when she goes a few days with out shaving. It feels like I’m kissing sandpaper…

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@connor if this offends you and I do not believe anyone really answered in a ill manner but more like horney adults. Why do you not move on to the next question?

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Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street!

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How about, Grass doesn’t grow on a playground!

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Ha ha! that too! A rolling stone gathers no moss.. um wait, how does that apply here? never mind!

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I can understand a prefernce but I still have issues with itch and havt been able to solve that so keeping short is a real pain.

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ahh, but the rewards!

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It only itches the day after, and only for a little bit. I’ve been shaving (completely) since it started growing. To me, it’s worth it in every way.

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Preach it, sister!

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also, my wife loves for me to shave my satchel…

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gir of science I have been doing it off and on since I was 18 (almost a decade ago) and it still itches for like a week after…..

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Date stamping myself but back in the day the furrier the better as something about being more woman clean shaven or bald was seen as too much like a young girl. Don’t know when the trend change but it seem more are shaved now than not. For the most part when it is shaved you can stimulate more of the vaginal area without dealing with the hair, for that reason I gravitate more toward bald than hairy, then again, it can also depend on the nationality of the woman. What I mean by that is some nationalities the women have thinner more wispier hair that don’t cover as much area so the hair tends not to be as much of an obstacle.

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The smoother it is the better the oral sex you receive from me will be. Next question.

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