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Remedy for migraines without taking medicine?

Asked by TheHaight (4399points) March 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m sick of medicine that doesnt work.

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Caffeine? I dont know if you think of that as medicating, but a triple shot will usually help.

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For some caffeine can make things worse, and theres always the inevitable crash…

i find that a quick nap usually gets rid of a headache for me, especially if I lay on my stomach for some reason, but I know that’s not always an option..

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Caffeine usually helps me. Otherwise, if you can fall asleep wtih the pain, sleep. Or if you’re looking for other migraine meds (I get migraines very very often and I’ve tried it all), send me a PM.

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yes, caffeine makes me all jittery, guess it could help by taking my
mind off of a headache? Haha…and a nap, how long would that nap be needleinthehay?

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generally like 30 mins to an hour or so, I’d say.

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I usually need at least an hour-long nap in order to wake up without the migraine.

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Tiger Balm.
Rub it on your temples.

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tiger balm? Never heard of it, I’ll research that.
Yeah, I forgot to mention I get them in the weirdest spot; in between my eyes and eyebrows, that bone. Its like a pulsating pain. Half an hour naps seem like a perfect amt of time. Thankyou.

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I might have to check out this tiger balm too.

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It’s really good. I swear by it.

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I usually find that taking a nap or an Aleve as soon as I think I might be getting a migraine helps. I think the key is catching it just as it’s starting because once it’s in full swing it’s impossible to get rid off without a long night’s sleep and a lot of time.

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yes kay, true; on the onset of the migraine. But sometimes they just come out of nowhere! Those are the worst.

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My SO gets migraines and swears by peppermint oil on her temples. It really helps. It’s like VapoRub for your migraine.

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hmmm… Yeah! I’ll try that. Herbal remedies like that, that’s an answer I was looking for.

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try a cold glass of salt water
not the best but it works

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pinch the spot between your thumb and index finger

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Ummmm how might pinching the spot between the thumb and index work? :) does it make you feel relaxed or something?

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@TheHaight, there is actually a pressure point there that connects to nerves or something controlling pain in your head. That usually works for me for minor headaches, but only while I’m actually applying pressure there and never for migraines. The pain is also usually worse when I stop applying pressure.

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yeah, a friend of mine told me he follows “shotsu” (I’m probably spelling it wrong or I AM wrong) I dont know, its something created by the Chinese that you can figure out exactly what is bothering you by looking in your eyes, and ways to ease pain by massaging those pressure points.

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@thehaight: Shiatsu?

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hah… Yeah that’s it. I feel so foolish for butchering the word, and its Japanese, not Chinese (not to mention I’m half Japanese)...

Thanks, Andrew.

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Ice packs. I have the kind that have those crystals that swell when you put them in water. Wrap in a towel so it doesn’t burn or get too cold. about the thickness of a light cotton dishtowel, not a terry towel. Lying down in a dark room helps as well. I used the peppermint oil that Andrew mentioned when I felt queasy on a ship and breathing it in actually took the headache away as well. Make sure you wear sunglasses outside as well. If your neck tightens with them, do small sideways figure eights (infinity signs) slowly, gradually making them larger as your neck relaxes. If that helps, do them on a regular basis, even when you don’t have a headache to keep your neck relaxed, as tension headaches can lead to or lock migraines in.

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thankyou so much seesul- that was very helpful!!! I don’t even know were to start- the ice packs seem like they’d def help. Peppermint tends to calm me down. Just the smell of it, and the figure 8’s I try to do… Helps most of the time too, but only when I’m in the dark. I tend to get my migraines on between my eyes and eyebrows- that bone. Its like a stabbing pain, and I get so dizzy because the migraine is so close to my eyes.
Thanks again! I appreciate your input.

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Read about it online, and find others advice.
But sleep/rest, nutricion and sunshine are good places to start!

Codfish-oil/Omega 3 FTW!

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As I said on another post, if you press down on the balls of your feet.

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